July 25, 2009

Just a quick note to say I made some changes to the blog - pretty eh! However, I don't think some of the features are working just yet...hopefully I can get that figured out soon!

Also, just wanted to note that Fawn seems to LOVE Jack Johnson! I'm going to look for the Curious George soundtrack today while we are in the city to use as her bedtime music (most of it).

xo JBM

July 22, 2009


Oops, I've fallen way behind again!

I've been feeling lots of little movements here and there lately, mainly really low or off to the side. She isn't strong enough just yet though to feel her on the outside. Fawn can hear us now so we've started reading her a bedtime story, I've got a few, but any suggestions for favorite books will be welcome (unless you are Laura and you are suggesting Twilight so she will become a Robert Pattison fan...that isn't welcome! lol). In the recent weekly update I got we also learned that she is practicing her facial expressions - it's so funny to think of her in there making faces! I can' t wait to see what she looks like! The update also told us that she is 27cm from the top of her head to her little toes (which have developed nails!)!
I had another midwife appointment this past Monday. Again Matt was unable to come (it sucks that they can't accomodate his schedule!), so my Mum (Gramma) came. We got to have a listen to Fawn again, and her heart beat has slowed down quite a bit (to a normal, more "mature" range), she is no longer a humingbird at only 150 bpm. As soon as I layed down I could feel her move and it was so neat to be able to hear her moving at the same time as feeling it! Whitney (our midwife) said everything is going great and we are right on track! I was measuring almost 22 weeks, but I was only 21 weeks, but she said that is normal and they will "accept" up to 23 weeks as normal. She also had the complete results from my ultrasound and said everything is great - they got good shots of everything (4-chamber heart, liver, bladder, stomach, spine, palate, cord, placenta....).

Fawn's little home is expanding quite a bit to make room for her in there - my belly button is even more shallow now! Luckily no streatch marks yet! :)

I've posted a couple pics from Kristen's wedding on the 18th so you can see my growing bump!

That's all for now! :)

xo JBM