April 9, 2010


I finally caught the giggle on video!

Probably the best sound EVER! Too bad she gets distracted by Toby!

xo JBM

April 8, 2010

We have a live one!

Sloan just rolled over from her back to her belly...allllll the way....all by herself!

April 4, 2010

Dear Sloan: Four Months

Well, your nicknames have morphed again...you are still called Noodle a lot, as well as NoodleE, but you also get NoodleE-Pie and Noodle-Kaboodle! It seems like you don't care what you are called, as long as you are talked to! You love to interact! You also seem to love to have me sing to you. At night I sing Down in the Valley which calms you right down, but during the day I sing lots of crazy things, but you seem to like the ABC's best and smile along with me. This past week I sang the Peter Cottontail song a lot...so much that your Daddy asked me to switch to a different song! It was changed a little too..."Here comes Noodle-Cottontail, hopping down the noodle trail...Hippity Hoppity NoodleE's on her way!" Ya, I can see how that could get annoying....

This month you discovered your love for the jolly-jumper (or the Noodle-hopper as I like to call it). You LOVE to be in there with your little toes touching and swaying back and forth. If you start to get fussy and I try to take you out it just makes you hop more!

You got to get dressed up a couple of times this month - you went to your first birthday party - Little Miss Lynli celebrated her 2nd Birthday, and you also got to attend your first International Women's Day celebration.

You delighted us with your adorable little laugh for the first time this month and it was the greatest sound in the world! You have such a happy little giggle! I've tried to catch it on video a few times, but then you clam up! You are also trying to roll over now, but haven't made it all the way over yet - your arms keep getting in the way!

We have continued to take you swimming - you LOVE the water! You have even gone under a couple of times and don't mind it at all!

The weather has been amazing lately! It was 27 today - unheard of for this time of year! We have been taking lots of walks and you even had a nap outside one day! I can't wait for the grass to get nice and green so you can feel it on your little toes!

You are sleeping exclusively in your crib now, and seem to really like it. You like to sleep on your side the best...and usually with your arm thrown back behind your head. You still like to get up for a quick nurse part way through the night (or sometimes a couple times), but you have slept through the night a few times too!

Nana and Papa are on a cruise right now and we are SO excited for them to get home on Sunday!We have been dog-sitting Jimi and he loves to give you kisses and you love to watch him and his crazy hair!

Everyday I look at you at least once and can't believe how beautiful you are and how lucky we are to have you as our little girl. Your Daddy and I are really looking forward to watching you grow!

xo Mama


Like Elsie, I've been procrastinating on writing a blog post....I have lots to say, but that's because we have been busy with things....so instead of WRITING about things, we are DOING things!

I have Sloan's 4 month update written, but it takes forever to add pictures, so that will be coming a little late! I also have an Easter post to write, but since the weekend isn't over yet, that will have to wait!

For now...a sure sign of spring...

xo JBM