August 20, 2009

Waddle vs. Wobble

I would like to make a sign to wear that says "I'm not waddling, I'm wobbling". Any time that I've been sitting too long (which is any time that I'm at work) my hips get a little creeky when I get up and it takes me a bit of wobbling to get's almost a limp, but it is NOT a waddle!

Fawn is finally getting strong enough for us to feel her on the outside! I've felt (and seen) her quite a few times, but Matt finally got to feel two really strong kicks this past Saturday - very exciting! I also got my weekly update that says that she can now respond to light and to try putting a flashlight on my belly and see if she responds. Well, let me tell you - she does! We tried it tonight for the first time and it really got her going! I think she was rudely awoken and did NOT like it! I hope I didn't blind her, but it was just too neat I had to do it a couple more times and Matt was able to feel her kick again!

Not much more is new, except my new girth! I seem to be getting bigger and bigger by the day! My next midwife appointment is on the 26th, so I'll have more to update then. :)

xo JBM