February 2, 2010

Dear Sloan: Two Months

I can't believe how much you have changed in just one month, and how much you have already changed since your birthday just two months ago! You are growing like crazy and will be getting ready to go off to school soon it seems!
Your Auntie Elsie sent you this adorable onesie and I couldn't believe how grown up you look in this picture! SLOW DOWN! I love this time with you and don't want you to grow and change so quickly! You are so snuggly and I fear the day that you think you are too cool to snuggle with your Mama.

As much as I would like you to slow down, it is amazing to watch you growing. Everything is so new to you and I can see you taking it all in with awe. You aren't just a little noodle anymore, you are growing a personality! I still call you noodle though, and almost exclusively call you NoodleE, sometimes I think I better call you Sloan everyonce in a while just so you don't grow up thinking that NoodleE is your name!

Your Daddy started trade school this month (January 4th) which was tough on us. He is gone alllll week, but gets to spend the weekends with us. I was enjoying the extra room in bed, but you have decided to take up that space! Everyone keeps telling me you will never leave our bed if I don't get out of the habbit now, but you are so snuggly and sleep better close to your Mama. I don't mind if you stay a little longer, but if you are old enough to be reading this, and are still in bed with us....please get out!

Daddy gets to come home to lots of smiles and coo's and goo's. This month you really started to recognize us and will try to talk to us, but you're very polite in waiting for your turn to talk! Your smile is so bright and your eyes just light up when you smile, but so do mine - it warms my heart to see you smile and that little smile makes me want to give you everything in the world you could ever dream of.

We have been on lots of playdates this month, and you seem to enjoy them! Tuesday's we go to the Early Years Centre, and Thursday's we have been getting together with some of the girls and their little ones that we met at the EYC. The first time we went you slept for the whole time, but now you stay awake and then crash when we get home!

Toby is still wondering when you will be leaving I think. He feels a little out of place, but has warmed up to you a little. At least now he will sniff your head now and then, but he still sighs loudly when you disturb his sleep at night!

I hope you feel all the love that your Daddy and I have for you. We couldn't imagine not having our little Noodleeenee with us and are looking forward to a lifetime of love with you!

Two months old and snoozing in Daddy's arms...

xo Mama