April 30, 2010

Note to self:

A cute mohawk before bed....
leads to crazy hair in the morning!
xo JBM

April 29, 2010

Morning Chat

Normally when Matt gets up for work I get up with him and pack his lunch and Sloan stays in bed and then I go back to bed, but the odd time she will want to get up too - today was one of those odd times. Now she doesn't want to go back to bed! 5:30 is waaaay too early for a little Noodle to get up though, so we will be going to at least lay in bed soon! I guess she just has way too much to say this morning to sleep!

xo JBM

April 26, 2010

Make-It Monday

On top of Wordless Wednesday's (which I should try harder to keep up with), I'm going to start a new weekly addition of Make-It Monday's. Every Monday I'll do a post about something I have made - whether it be a craft, food....etc. Should be interesting!

When we were in Waterloo this past weekend I picked up some supplies to make some pacifier lanyards. I am planning on making a bunch of things to set up a table at the local market in the park this summer to make some extra dough. I have grand dreams that it will take off and I can start selling online and never have to work again....but in reality I'm not that great of a seamstress so we'll see how it goes!

So, here is the first one! I will make them with only one fabric, but for Sloan's I couldn't decide which fabric I liked best so I thought I would just use both of my fav's! I was in FabricLand for a loooong time (especially long considering Matt was waiting in the car with a napping Noodle), but it was SO hard to decide on which fabrics I liked best! I got 5 different patterns so stay tuned to see the rest!

I need to make it a little more narrow to let it fit better on the clip and through the soother handle part.

So, what do you think? What would you pay for such a thing?

xo JBM