February 18, 2012

Exciting news!

The Murphy family is expanding! We've waited a little longer than normal to spread the news, but we are so excited to tell everyone that Sloan will be a big sister come August!
Sarah has graciously offered to do a maternity series shoot for us and I am SO looking forward to our weekly shots! We met today for the first time and here is the outcome, along with the letter I wrote to our Little One:
Dear Little One, your Daddy, big sister and I are all so excited to add you to our family – we already know you’ll be a great addition. Sloan can’t wait to meet you and kisses you through my belly daily. We’ve decided to wait until your birthday to find out if you are a boy or girl, but Sloan is adamant that you are a tiny baby boy! You are the size of a lemon this week...but seeing as your sister already stretched things out in there for you, it looks to me like you are the size of a melon with the way my belly has grown so far! I think I’ve felt you move a few times already – I love that feeling and can’t wait until it becomes a regular thing! The middle of the night trips to the bathroom have started already, but the need to nap daily has passed thankfully! We love you so much already Little One!