September 2, 2010

Dear Sloan: Nine Months

Happy 'inside-out day' Sloan! You have now been on the outside as long as you were on the inside for! The nine months that you were brewing in my belly for seemed to take soooo long and we couldn't wait to meet you, but these past nine months have flown by and it's hard to believe how much you have changed in such a short time!

You broke my camera this month so we don't have too many pictures from your 9th month sadly. But of course all the ones I do have are simply adorable - it's hard to take a bad picture of you!

This month you got to meet your western connection family members - your Great Uncle Peter and 2nd cousins Emma and Iain came to visit. We had a ball with them, going to the pipe band, spending time at the beach and in the pool and of course getting lots of ice cream (yes, you even got a taste and loved it).

Your favourite toys right now are really anything that isn't actually a toy! You love to play with bowls - filling them, emptying them, filling them again, banging on's a never ending game! You also love to pull the magazines off the coffee table and leaf through them - you love the sound of crumpling paper!

You are outgrowing the baby stage now, now more laying around doing nothing - you are always busy! But, you do keep yourself quite busy and I don't have to constantly entertain you which is nice. You are a crawling machine now! One day you just got it, and have stuck to it ever since! Toby is on constant look out since you like to try to pet him a lot, which he isn't a big fan of - he STILL hasn't warmed up to you! You do this adorable little nose snort when you get crawling faster and are getting excited about getting to where you want to go! You are also peeing on the potty every morning when you get up, hopefully this will make potty learning a little easier when the time comes! You seem to love sitting there and are quite proud of yourself when you make a little tinkle!
This month we celebrated 2 birthdays - Noni's 90th Birthday and today is Daddy's 29th birthday! You gave big snuggles as your birthday gifts!

Mummy and Daddy love you little Noodle!

xo Mama