September 15, 2011


For our anniversary Matt got me a beautiful pair of earrings, and I got him an ipod (it was the appliance anniversary...and that was the closest I could get to an appliance!). We all know Matt LOVES the gym...but isn't a fan of the chatting and without earbuds in, he is a prime target for the chatters! I was just going to get him a nano or some similar mp3 player...but then I spotted the ipod touch and realized I could get him a gift that we could both use! lol I'm loving the instagram app, and next up we'll (Sloan and I) figure out how to facetime with Randi and Sutton!

Matt snapped the rainbow on his way home from work!

Sloan is working on her mullet!


September 12, 2011

Taste It.

I read a lot of different blogs...which means a lot of different blog posts each day. I try to only read the ones that strike a cord with me and make me think 'hmm', or 'Yes!!', or the ones that make me want to try something new, or make something different, and some that just plain make me want to be a better person/woman/mother/feminist/wife/daughter/sister...the list could go on.

Today QueenBloggy posted a video that did the later.

I had all of these lessons growing up...maybe not with the intensity of my Mum reciting it to me in an eloquent spoken word poem...but I still had them. And I want Sloan to have them. I want her to feel loved and wanted and needed and appreciated and smart and beautiful and amazing and independent and enough as she is and just down right special. I want her to know that yes, life can be tough, but it can also be just as great! I want her to know that her Daddy and I will always be here for her, no matter how many times she may fall down, we will help her get right back up. Like Sarah Kay says - Mama is a worrier and Daddy is a warrior. I worry about all of the usual Mummy things to worry about, the stuff that world news shows us to worry about, but I also worry that no matter how much we love her and tell her that we love her, that she will never quite understand just how much we love her...that she will never feel that pure joy and happiness and warm fuzzy feeling that I felt as a child, knowing that my parents LOVED me and my brother. I feel like somehow I just might not be doing it right, doing enough, and then I remember that all I really need to do is to be there. Like actually There. In the moment - in all the little moments...and she will know she is loved.

K...this got way longer and sappier (is that a word???) than intended...I really just wanted to post about the video and how much I loved it...oops.

xo JBM