February 22, 2010

What a day...

I'm hoping that if I put in down in writing it will seem like less of a "bad day"....

Matt got up and left at 4 this morning as usual (to get to Hamilton for school)...and then I heard the phone ringing at about 5:30 (at first I wrote it off because I thought it was just in my dream!)...he was almost in KW and the battery light was flashing on the truck and the lights seemed dim. I told him to get into KW and go to a Canadian Tire or something so they could check it out...um...ya...not much is open at 5:30...He called me back about 10min later to tell me the truck had completely died and he was blocking the entrance to a shopping centre! Lovely. He got to use his Christmas gift though and called CAA! They tried to jump the battery, but it wouldn't work so they towed him to CT. At first they thought it might be just the battery...then it was the alternator...then it was both...then it was both plus something else...a conductor or something. So...$536 later...Matt was finally on his way to school...SUPER late!

What a lovely start to the day...

Then I turned on the dryer with a full load...it is turning but there is no warm (or cold for that matter) air coming out. Nice. My Dad is going to come down tonight to look at it, but it sounds like it might be dead.

I've also got the dishwasher filled...but I am afraid to turn it on! I think I'll wait until tomorrow!

Randi recently blogged about the joy of new appliances, looks like I might be getting a new one too! There is something VERY exciting about new appliances...when we got a new stove our old one still worked (with major hot spots), it was just old and not very nice and the new one was a GREAT Christmas gift from my parents...when we got a new dishwasher the following year it was another GREAT Christmas gift and super exciting because we didn't have one at that point. Getting new appliances when the old ones still work or don't exist is great! Getting new appliances because you have to isn't so great. It just doesn't seem as exciting....especially when there are clothes hanging everywhere in the house to dry! Of course this couldn't happen in the summer when I could use my lovely 2 load clothes line!

I'm off to research our dryer options while NoodleE naps IN HER CRIB!

xo JBM

EDIT: The dryer is fixed!!! My Dad just came and looked it over and it was just a belt that had fallen off! Yay for not having to go out and buy a new one! But boooo for not getting a new dryer...I was starting to look forward to a shiny new appliance!
And yes Randi...I sure am glad we have cells now!

February 21, 2010


We were thinking about taking Sloan to the family swim today, but I am just a little worried the water will be too cold and then she won't be able to warm up because the change rooms are freezing and it's still really cold outside. That would have been a picture-worthy milestone!

But...last night she hit a major milestone...she slept in her crib...and it broke my heart!
She went down at 11:30 (she is a little night owl!) and slept right through until 4:30! She nursed and then went right back down in the crib until 7:30 when she was hungry again. At 7:30 she came into bed with us for some snuggle time! I'm not sure if this will continue without fuss...but it's a start I guess.

Also, another milestone today...she had her first "oh-my-god she needs a bath" poop! All of her cloth diapers were in the wash so I had her in a disposable and sure enough...poop EVERYWHERE! Matt just looked at her and asked if I wanted him to run a bath...yes please! She LOVES the bath so she was super happy to get an extra middle-of-the-day bath!

xo JBM