December 30, 2009

Birth Story...finally...

Sloan Beverly Aislin Murphy
December 2nd, 2009 10:32 pm
8lbs 14oz 54cm long

I’ve been meaning to write this up for a while now, but stealing away a moment of time has been difficult – I just can’t stop snuggling our new little lady! Hopefully this makes sense since I had to write it in a few different chunks of time!

**WARNING** There are some slightly graphic pictures below…so don’t scroll all the way to the bottom of the post if you don’t want to see some blood. Also, I’ve kept all the details of the birth story in…so don’t read if you don’t want to hear about my cervix! lol
ALSO – this is WAY longer than I had initially thought it would be


On December 1st (my due date) I had a midwife appointment which I kept telling them would be my last one, despite their booking me in for another appointment on the 8th, which I told them there would be no way I would still be pregnant then! The future Nana (my Mum) and I went up to Owen Sound for the appointment and I thought my feet would explode with swelling! Previously Whitney had told me that she would do a stretch and sweep (s&s) at this appointment depending on a few things going on. I was REALLY hoping that she would do it, as I was feeling quite ready. I had been taking Evening Primrose Oil, Red Raspberry Leaf tea and some tiny homeopathic pills that tasted like just a sugar pill (caulophyllum thalictroides is whats on the bottle) with hopes that it would help my body prepare, but not push it before it was ready. Whitney said everything was a go for the s&s (there weren’t a bunch of other Women in labour and they hadn’t been up for hours the night before), but that she was secretly hoping that I wouldn’t go into labour until Thursday when she was back on call. So…during the s&s Whitney said I was already 2cm dilated and my cervix was soft, but still thick. I also got the most hilarious compliment I’ve ever received – apparently I have a “great cervix”! I started bleeding pretty much right away which got my hopes up a bit, but I didn’t want to get too excited!

After my appointment we went up to WalMart to get some last few things for the hospital bag and the walking seemed to keep things going. I had a few stronger contractions (stronger than the Braxton hicks I had been having for the last 20 weeks or so), but nothing major. Whitney had suggested that I take an Advil and a Gravol that night to keep the cramping to a minimum while I tried to get some sleep. I’ve never taken Gravol before, so I just took an Advil and went to bed that night. I was up my usually insane number of times in the night to pee, but also noticed that a few of the contractions I was having were a lot stronger and actually getting a little painful.

When I got up at 5am on the 2nd with Matt while he got ready for work I told him to be sure to keep his pager close by as I thought she was going to come that day. I also called Laura to tell her to start faking sick when she got into work, just incase she had to leave during the day. Finally, I called my Mum to tell her I thought something was happening, but that nothing was too consistent yet. I had tried timing a few contractions, but they were all over the place – some 8 min apart, some 5 min apart, some an hour apart. I decided to take a Gravol with the hopes that I would get some sleep just incase it was “the” day and went back to bed.

The majority of the day is a blur – I slept for most of the day off and on, getting up a few times to let Toby out, check my email and answer the phone…oh, and to pee about a million times! I kept waking up with contractions here and there, and noticed that they were worse when I was standing up, but quite bearable while lying down so I didn’t think it was anything too exciting yet.

I decided it might be something around 3pm and decided to page Matt. When he called back I didn’t say I was in labour, but rather just asked him to come home right after work rather than going to the gym or anything which he said was his plan all day since I had told him in the morning that I thought she was coming that day. I still just felt crampy, so I just sat around until Matt got home at 5pm – he was shocked to see me just laying around and thought I would be ready to go then. I wasn’t even really finished packing and wasn’t ready to go to the birth centre at all. I decided that I wasn’t sure if it was real labour or not, so I wanted to go get in the jacuzzi at my parent’s house to see if the crampy feeling went away. There was no way I wanted to drive over to Walkerton if it was going to be nothing.

I had called my Mum to tell her we were going to go over to get in the tub and she said she would get home to meet us there (coincidentally, she was in Home Hardware buying Sloan’s Christmas stocking). We ran around throwing things in the suit case and packing food for Toby, I was convinced that it was still going to be a while, so we packed up the laptop and some movies incase we were at the birth centre for a while. We left the house around 5:30pm and when we got to my parents I got in the tub right away (which thoughtfully my Mum had filled and had waiting for me with lots of candles) and Matt started timing the contractions to see where we were at incase we had to page Whitney – the first timed contraction was at 5:43. This is when things started to get real – I finally was convinced that I was actually in labour! After about an hour of contractions that were about 4-6min apart, that I actually had to breath and focus through, Matt finally convinced me that we had to page someone and that we really should get to the birth centre, so I had my Mum page Whitney – I wasn’t even thinking that she wasn’t on call yet so the recording had her page Michelle…someone I had never even met! Michelle wanted to talk to me and this annoyed me as I thought she should know that I couldn’t chat right then! After though I realized she was trying to get a better idea of how I was actually feeling. Michelle encouraged me to eat something (she suggested bacon and eggs and I thought she was insane) to keep my energy up and we agreed to meet at the birth centre at 8pm. I then realized that I was starving and ate about 4 pieces of delicious crunchy peanut butter toast while trying not to get crumbs in the bath.

Starting at 7pm Matt kept trying to tell me we had to go, but I wanted to wait because I didn’t think it would take us that long to get to Walkerton and I wanted to stay in the bath for as long as possible, but the contractions were getting much more intense and I knew we needed to go soon. My Mum called Laura at this point to tell her we were going to go over to Walkerton but that she had no idea how far along I was or what was going on. I wasn’t sure if Laura should come or not because we were only allowed to have 2 support people in the room (stupid H1N1 ruining my birth plan). The last timed contraction was at 7:16 and then I got out of the tub… and OW! I felt like I needed to pee, so I sat on the toilet and didn’t want to get up…OW! I didn’t say it at the time, but I was a little worried we had waited too long at this point – the contractions were really intense now and I felt like I couldn’t get up. I actually considered going to Walkerton naked for a moment just to avoid having to get dressed! I made it all the way to the livingroom and then had to lay down – there was so much pressure when I was standing. Matt and my Dad had prepared the car – the seat was wrapped in a giant garbage bag and loaded with towels as my water still hadn’t broken.

As soon as we got out of the neighborhood I knew we had left it too long…I didn’t think I was going to make it. It seemed like the contractions were coming one on top of the other and I couldn’t get comfortable. Of course it was raining and we were behind a transport truck that Matt couldn’t seem to get a clear spot to pass. I kept telling him to go faster and to just hurry and to pass asap! Matt was the perfect partner – he kept reminding me to breath and held my hand when I wanted him to and kept putting the window up and down as I requested! With the window down I was too cold and getting rained on, with it up I was too hot – nothing was working for me! I had put the seat down and I couldn’t get back up!

About half way to Walkerton I started to feel the urge to push, I felt like I was going to have her right then and there, of course I was yelling this to Matt with each contraction and that was the only time that I saw him a little worried – he told me I had to wait because he didn’t even know where we were or how much longer it was. When we finally got in to Walkerton the entrance to the birth centre was under construction so we had to go in another way and I directed Matt the wrong way and we wound up at the parking lot for the retirement home next door…I thought I wasn’t going to make it if Matt didn’t hurry up at this point. So, we quickly got to the emergency entrance and I directed Matt to park in the ambulance entrance – I didn’t care what we were blocking!

While Matt went to tell them we were there and get a wheelchair, I went into the bathroom, and again felt like I couldn’t get up off the toilet because of the pressure when I was standing up. Matt wheeled me up to the birth centre and when we got up there a nurse was waiting for us. I stood up out of the wheelchair and told her to show me which room we were in because I needed to use the washroom asap (still really felt like I needed to pee…even though I didn’t). I was horribly annoyed with her and the lack of urgency she seemed to have when she was asking how I was – couldn’t she tell I was dying!?!?! When we got to the room (which felt like miles away, when it was actually probably just a few feet) I sat on the toilet right away and still couldn’t pee when that was all I wanted to do. The nurse told me Michelle wasn’t there yet and I remember looking at the clock and it was 8:20 and again I was annoyed because we were supposed to meet at 8pm. Moments later in came Michelle. Because I had tested positive for Group B Strep they had to start an IV, which had I known how fast everything would have gone, I wouldn’t have concented to. I have told Whitney about how I was more scared of the IV going in than actual child birth and she assured me that she would find the nurse with the most experience to do the IV so I wouldn’t need to worry. Well, wouldn’t you know, there was a student nurse on that night and they wanted her to start the IV. After fishing around for what seemed like forever, the other nurse stepped in and did it. I begged Michelle to check me at this point – I needed some reassurance that this pain was coming to an end soon. She checked me and said there was just a small lip left, but I wanted a number! I remember saying I didn’t know what she meant and asked how far that meant and when she said I was fully dilated and at TEN I wanted to hug her! At this point I asked for the gas and it was there before I knew it. I really hulled on it during the contractions, but it wasn’t taking the pain away – it was just making my lips dry and my eyes heavy, but it did make me feel like I could get a break and a good rest between contractions. Michelle wanted me to lay on my side to help the lip to go away and at this point we talked about the fact that the baby could be born in the cull (still in the sac if my water didn’t break) and how it’s not that uncommon. With a few contractions in this side position I felt the urge to push and Michelle wanted me to wait for a bit, but I couldn’t, it just seemed to be happening. Barb arrived then – she was going to be the secondary midwife and take care of little Fawn – another midwife I hadn’t met before that night – what are the odds! It seemed like once she arrived Michelle told me I could push if I really felt like I needed to. Barb checked the baby’s heartbeat quite a few times with the Doppler, while Michelle kept applying warm compresses which felt so good. Matt was still by my side, applying chapstick, and holding my water as needed and reminding me to breath! I felt the urge to push again and on the second contraction I did push and pop went my water…ALL over! Matt said it looked like Michelle had to dive out of the way and suddenly my foot was really wet and warm – there must have been a lot! Finally that pressure feeling of needing to pee was gone! Michelle said the baby was so low and the bag of water was resting right on my bladder so that was the needing to pee feeling. After my water broke it seemed like that feeling of wanting to push was even stronger with each contraction and Michelle told me I could push whenever I wanted, that little lip of cervix was gone and we were good to go. At first they wanted me to try pushing on my side with Barb holding up my left leg, but I felt like my leg was so heavy and wasn’t being supported enough and I was using all of my strength to hold up my leg and couldn’t’ get enough power behind the pushes so I moved onto my back. With my Mum on my left and Matt on my right and my eyes closed I started pushing with almost each contraction. Two things I remember most – I remember thinking it was so not like TV, my legs weren’t pulled behind my head and there wasn’t anyone counting to 10 yelling at me to push, and Michelle asking me if I wanted a mirror to see and saying no because I didn’t want her to have to leave the room to go get one! My Mum told me she could see the head and that was the greatest thing to hear – I was making progress! When Michelle asked if I wanted to reach down and feel her head I was surprised, it wasn’t that painful so I didn’t think there could possibly be much to feel, but sure enough I could feel her slimy little head! Only a couple pushes later Michelle was telling me to reach down and pull up my baby and next thing I knew, Sloan was on my chest and starting to cry almost right away! She was so perfect looking and ours!

We got to have a good snuggle, Matt cut the cord once it had stopped pulsating, and she laid on my chest while I delivered the placenta (which felt more painful than Sloan!). Then I noticed that there was blood ALL over my right side – somehow my IV had been pulled out which was my biggest fear in getting the stupid thing (my hand was still bruised a week after!)! We also noticed that there was poop ALL over! Sloan had managed to poop on me, herself and her Dad! We attempted to get her latched on, but she didn’t seem interested in eating so she had her exam from Barb at the end of my bed and got rave reviews!

Shortly after, things settled down and I realized that she was born at 10:32 just two short hours after we arrived at the hospital. It seemed so easy and fast! I knew then what people say about forgetting about the pain! I remember it was painful, but it’s so hard to describe! Nana got to have a snuggle with Sloan and I tried to pee…but still couldn’t! It wasn’t until about 1:30 that I finally peed and it was the greatest feeling ever! By about midnight everyone was on their way out and we were alone. Matt fell asleep quite quickly on the couch and I realized that basically everything we brought with us was unnecessary! I tried to get some sleep but couldn’t – I couldn’t stop looking at Sloan and making sure she was still breathing! She ate a couple times in the night, but only for a moment. By about 4:30 a nurse came in and brought me some toast as I realized that maybe I couldn’t sleep because I was starving!

I finally fell asleep around 5 and was up again at 7 with Matt. I said we were lucky we didn't want to stay or sleep in because shortly after 7am the construction started outside our room! We got up and Matt watched Sloan while I showered then we packed up and headed home - we were on the road and stopping for breakfast by 9am! It felt so crazy to just leave with Sloan…like someone should have told us we weren’t allowed to just leave with that baby!

The first couple of days at home were a little insane – we couldn’t get Sloan to latch too well, so she wasn’t eating a lot at each feed, so she was nursing a lot and up a lot at night, but we got it down and now she has been nursing like a champ! At her 3 day visit she was 8lbs5oz, and one week later she was 4 weeks she hasn't been weighed by the midwives yet, but I would guess she is about 12lbs almost!

All in all it was a great experience and I couldn’t have asked for it to go better! I think we’ll plan a homebirth for the next little one just incase things go as fast or faster!

And now for the pictures...

Ready to push!!!
She's here!

Our new family (Sloan really likes to keep her hands up by her face!):

Her previous home (scroll quickly if you don't want to see the placenta):

First kiss from Nana:

First snuggle from Daddy:
Getting examined by Barb:

With Barb and Michelle:

All snuggled up for the ride home:And now, our little noodle today, all smiles!

xo JBM

December 2, 2009


pregnancy week by week

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November 21, 2009

Quick Update

We're in the home stretch now!!! Matt and I are getting so excited and can't wait for Fawn to be here! Everything is pretty much ready for her - we just need her now! I ordered her basinette for in our room the other day and it has already been delivered to Aunt Bev's sisters house in Michigan where she will pick it up next week. Once that is set up, we are good to go - she can come any time! Although I keep telling her if she wants to come now we will figure something out for sleeping - no worries!

I had a midwife appointment yesterday (they are weekly now) and we got to meet with Angela who is our secondary midwife - we both like her SO much better than the crabby older lady that I met with who basically only gave me bad news last week. Angela said Fawn is right on track and is head down and pretty locked in there - she couldn't move her head around at all. Matt and I asked if she could tell how big she was at all and she said she thinks she is a good size (they won't give a weight estimate) and that she is going to be long (even though her head is down VERY low, her butt and feet are still high and in my ribs), and that she has a nice little butt that isn't boney!

Only problem yesterday was that my blood pressure was high, which was the first time this whole pregnancy. I wasn't supposed to go back again until the 1st because I told them I wanted to only meet with Whitney or Angela and that was the first I was able to get in with them, but because it is high she scheduled me in for a quick check on Tuesday to see if it has come down. I was thinking it would be good because my puffyness had actually gone down a lot - I actually had ankles and my feet fit into my shoes! AND it wasn't just my imagination that the puffyness went down because I actually LOST 4lbs from last week to this - must have been all the extra water I was carrying around!

I'm off to get ready now to go to another shower for Fawn with all the family - she sure is loved and she isn't even here yet!

xo JBM

November 9, 2009

Full Term!

It's hard to believe, but as of midnight tonight Fawn is considered full term and safely come anytime now! With just 3 weeks until my due date, we're getting pretty excited!
I've fallen really behind again in updates, but we've been so busy I just haven't had time to sit and write a blog post. Fawn has been spoiled twice now with showers in her honour - her closet is well stocked! We are so thankful for everyone coming and showering her with just about anything a baby could ever ask for!

Her change table is pretty well stocked with tiny diapers and just waiting for a little butt to be on it!

Her crib is all set up and looks so cozy I want to sleep in there tonight...

(this weekend we will finally put stuff up on the walls...just deciding where we want everything to go)

Aunt Janet made her beautiful quilt with the fabric that I found on ebay. I hope Fawn loves it as much as I do and keeps it forever!

And, just in case you couldn't tell from the crib picture...I am getting gigantic!
This is my belly RIGHT NOW!

I'm off to bed early - I need to get in there early with the hopes that I can get a few hours before the tossing and turning and getting up to pee starts...and continues throughout the night! I think I'll be well prepared for getting up with Fawn!
xo JBM

October 19, 2009

Looooong overdue update!

I've been meaning to update for a while now, and I've been reminded by a few people that I haven't updated in quite some time, but everytime I sit down to write something I get distracted!

Things are moving along quickly! Only 19 more days of work! Not that I'm counting or anything! AND 4 of those days will be spent in Toronto so it will go by really quickly! This past Friday we interviewed people for my position and I think we found someone that will be great!

This past weekend Matt and I went on a tour of the birth centre and were very impressed! Big private rooms with nice lighting, a couch for Matt (and Laura and Mummy) to hang out on and take turns napping on as well as a rocking chair with stool for breastfeeding! Each room has its own little kitchenette area - microwave & sink. They each have a cd player and portable fan. They each have their own bathroom that is nice and big as well as each having a nice jaccuzi tub. They also supply a birth ball and birthing stool if you want it. And if I have to have the monitor on, it is waterproof so I can still get in the tub. The nurse we met was REALLY nice! So that was a nice experience, Matt was really suprised by how nice it was too! We timed it on our way home and it is 45 min door-to-door, so hopefully we won't have too much snow to deal with as well!

I have another midwife appointment this Friday and Matt will finally be able to come - he hasn't been since I was early on, so it will be nice for him to be able to come again. We started our prenatal classes and have gone to 2 of the 4 so far - lots of info and a few videos so far.

My hips have REALLY been bothering me and my wobble is more pronunced now! It takes me a bit to get going, but once I am going, I'm good! However, my hips, combined with Fawn on my bladder has resulted in me waking up almost every hour to either roll over or get up to pee! I'll be well practiced for getting up with Fawn!

Now...on to the pictures...

A pic from tonight compared to 20 weeks ago...

Fawn's room is coming together...her crib is all set up!

I've been working on some projects for her...babylegs (with help from Nana), cloth wipes & a blanket that was started before she was even conceived!

As a quick side note...Toby is pretty much totally recovered from his "attack". But while he was recovering, he was quite the seen below. The cute pic is followed by a pic of his wound so close your eyes if you don't want to see blood!

My poor first baby!

I'll try to update again after my midwife appointment on Friday!

xo JBM

September 24, 2009

Womb with a View

Oops, I am way behind again!

September 19th was the big day for the 3D ultrasound and it was amazing! Matt, my Mum & Dad, and Aunt Bev and I all went down to London to see Fawn on the big screen! It was the neatest thing! It felt like we were at a spa - nice dim lighting, big leather chairs, soft music, beautiful pictures on the wall - the works! We all got to be in the room and the ultrasound machine was hooked up to a huge flat screen on the wall so we got to see everything the tech was seeing. First and foremost she confirmed that Fawn is indeed a little girl! And then for the next 20 minutes the tech tried to get a good view, but she is so low and squished in there that it was hard to get a good shot - she also kept her hands by her face the whole time and was even caught sucking her thumb! I could feel her moving a bit, so it was neat to see her movement on the screen at the same time. She looks perfect and we can't wait to meet her!

So...on to the pictures...

In other news, Fawn has her feet or knees or something in my ribs and seems to be trying to pop them out! NOT enjoying that!

xo JBM

September 15, 2009

Another Update

Just another quick update!
I had another midwife appointment today up in Owen Sound - I hate having to drive up there each time, but it's worth it to meet with Whitney! It was a pretty short visit today, not too much to discuss. Whitney said my bloodwork from my gestational diabetes test came back great so I don't need to worry about that! My blood pressure is still good and I am still measuring on target. I got to hear Fawn's little heart beat again and it doesn't get any less exciting each time! She was at 140 bpm today! Whitney also did some poking around and I got to feel Fawn's head (which is down, where it will hopefully stay!) and she confirmed that she is indeed laying with her butt on my right.
I am off to try and find a comfy spot in bed to watch the BB finale night!

xo JBM
p.s. Cuz'n Krista pointed out another essential for Fawn that I love and would really come in handy around here...

The infant house cleaning mop!

September 10, 2009


While doing some research for Fawn's registry I have come accross a few things that I think are absolutely essential when having a baby...

Of course there is the lederhosen leash...
Not only nice to look at, it is also functional in helping to hoist your child up the steps to a slide without actually having to touch them...

(modeled by Robert Pattinson)

If you choose not to invest in the lederhosen leash, you may want to register for one of these...
The Jolly Jumper Bumper Bonnet - it is available in various prints incase this one isn't your thing!

And finally, and somewhat seriously...the snot sucker...aka Nasal Aspirator

This is an essential because I once read that if you don't have one you can use your MOUTH!!!!

xo JBM

September 9, 2009

Sneak Peek

Warning, lots of pictures ahead!

I've been feeling pretty nest-y (nest-ish?) lately so I've been working on Fawn's room (not that she'll spend much time in it in the first few months). I wouldn't say I'm a hoarder by any means (especially after watching the A&E show about them), but in the past I have had an issue with keeping things "just in case" (eg. scrap paper that I *might* use in a scrapbook in a million years, or a paper that I wrote in first never know when I might need that info again), but since the nesting has kicked in, I've thrown away so much STUFF! We have lived here two years now and there were still a couple packed boxes - no longer! So...below are a few sneek peek pics of Fawn's room. There is still a lot to do - touch up paint, find a change table, get her crib, make a mobile...etc...but here is what we have so far...

Part of Fawn's closet (there are still some of Matt's clothes in there that need to be moved!)

Some of my favorite things from her closet

The rocking chair (which she seems to enjoy already)

The little side table (old desk) that I found at the market in the park - perfect beside the rocker!
Detail pic (the lamb is from Matt's Mum and smells like baby powder, and Fawn's favorite books so far)
Our stroller that I LOVE and can't wait to use! Thanks Nana & Bill??? (my Dad isn't sure what he is going to be called yet by Fawn - so far it's Bill!)

Annnnd...a belly pic from tonight...don't mind my face - I'd been nesting for hours!

xo JBM

September 3, 2009

Quick Photo Update

I'm pretty convinced that at this rate we will be having a 12lb baby...should be interesting! aAs you can see, I am gigantic! Fawn is still measuring right on target, and her little butt is still poking out on my right side. I'm wondering if the old wives-tales are true and she will have lots of the heartburn!

(wearing my new shirt from Krista - thanks cuz!)

(my bare Fawn belly - see her pokey butt, and my giant face)

(Matt holding Fawn)

xo JBM

p.s. fun Fawn fact...she had the hiccups twice today!

August 24, 2009

99 DAYS!!!

We are out of the triple digit countdown - only 99 days until due day!!! VERY exciting!

I don't have much to report, I just wanted to make that known! That's basically 3 months! Which also means I will be done work in less than 3 months - 12 weeks to be exact!!! When I think of how fast the first 12 weeks of this pregnancy went by, that will be gone in no time! Especially because we have fun things coming up to help pass the time - tomorrow we are going to the Harbour Stree Brasserie to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary, this weekend is Matt's ball tournament in town, then we have his year end ball party on the 5th of September, then we have the 3D ultrasound on the 19th and then the last weekend of September is the ball tournament in OwenSound that we might camp during, then we have our 4 week series (every Wednesday night) prenatal classes in October and I have a trip to Toronto for work during the last week of October....and then it will be November and we will have one month left!!! 2 weeks of work!!! Woooohooo!

Fawn has been moving lots lately, I'm excited to find out which way she is laying when I go to my midwife appointment on Wednesday. I always feel her movement in either the lower left part of my belly, or my upper right part - arms and legs? kicking and punching? I'll also be scheduling my gestational diabetes test while I'm there, and booking a tour of the birth centre. :)
In addition to movement, I've also been feeling some braxton hicks contractions - I wish this is what labour would feel like - just some pressure and hardening of my belly. It's exciting that things are coming along so quickly!

xo JBM

August 20, 2009

Waddle vs. Wobble

I would like to make a sign to wear that says "I'm not waddling, I'm wobbling". Any time that I've been sitting too long (which is any time that I'm at work) my hips get a little creeky when I get up and it takes me a bit of wobbling to get's almost a limp, but it is NOT a waddle!

Fawn is finally getting strong enough for us to feel her on the outside! I've felt (and seen) her quite a few times, but Matt finally got to feel two really strong kicks this past Saturday - very exciting! I also got my weekly update that says that she can now respond to light and to try putting a flashlight on my belly and see if she responds. Well, let me tell you - she does! We tried it tonight for the first time and it really got her going! I think she was rudely awoken and did NOT like it! I hope I didn't blind her, but it was just too neat I had to do it a couple more times and Matt was able to feel her kick again!

Not much more is new, except my new girth! I seem to be getting bigger and bigger by the day! My next midwife appointment is on the 26th, so I'll have more to update then. :)

xo JBM

August 13, 2009


I finally remembered to take the camera on our trip to the beach tonight!

So...a little perspective...

Matt was sitting on the beach, this is what he sees...

and...this is what I see...

(yes, my bellybutton is not-so-slowly disappearing, and yes, Fawn seems to be sitting more on the right)

Also, I caved and booked a 3D ultrasound! Mummy is treating us to making sure Fawn is indeed a Fawn, and not a Colt. We are going down to London on September 19th so I'll be posting pictures right after that for sure! I was a little iffy at first about the idea...if we already know we are having a little girl, and have her name choosen, do we really want to know what she is going to look like too? But I just can't resist, I REALLY want to know for sure if we are having a little girl or boy!

xo JBM

p.s. Is it just me or does it look like my butt is getting droopy!? Maybe it's time to invest in some Mum jeans!

August 11, 2009

Fawn the Furnace

Things are heating up, but I think it's just me! We are finally experiencing some summer weather, but with that comes the humidity which does not agree with Fawn or I! On Sunday I felt like I was dying of heat exhaustion! I think I just about drank my weight in water and ended up going to the beach two seperate times just to get cooled off, all the while Matt kept telling me "it's not that warm". It will be nice come cooler weather to have a built in furnace, but for now it would be nice if she would change over to some A/C!

In addition to stealing my memory, Fawn now seems to be working on stealing my eye-sight! I thought I was just a little blurry eyed yesterday morning due to having to go back to work after vacation, but it continued off and on throughout the day and on to today as well. I've already had to get glasses for reading and computer work, next she'll have me in coke-bottle glasses! On the bright side, from what I've read, this should go away after she makes her appearance on the outside!

In other news, we're still debating going for the 3D ultrasound to find out forsure that Fawn is a little girl, and I'm now leaning towards doing it because I had a dream that she came out a he last night! The only issue is that we have to make plans to go out of town for it and try to book a weekend appointment so Matt doesn't have to take time off to come too.

xo JBM

August 7, 2009

A Basketball!?!

I was just reading my 'What to Expect' bible and noticed that it said my uterus will be the size of a basketball in the next couple of weeks!!! No wonder nothing fits!

I had planned on taking pictures of my growing belly, and started at week 12...and then continued to week 14. I swear, I have no memory left!

I'm going to write up a post about our camping trip (a first for both Toby & Fawn!), but in the meantime, here is a pic of my progressing belly (I should note, it gets bigger throughout the day, and this was first thing before breakfast)!

What a difference 10 weeks can make! I think the only reason this picture got taken was because we were talking about making this camping trip a yearly occasion and I thought it would be neat to take a pic with Fawn in front of the tent each year, so this is her first one!

xo JBM

August 2, 2009

Note to self:

Do NOT sit in a car for hours on end without even stopping for the odd stretch!

Just a quick note to remind myself not to agree to ridiculous things! Thursday I was asked to go to Windsor for a meeting at the University the following day, of course, being unable to say no to things, I said SURE! So, Thursday after work I waited until Matt got home from work so I could say bye, and then I packed up my rental car and headed to Chatham (3hr drive). I arrived at a disgusting hotel and had to prepare a powerpoint presentation and then tried to sleep without thinking about the bugs in my room! Friday morning I got up and met with another Coordinator and we drove to Tecumseh (1hr drive) to pick up someone else and then we were on our way to Windsor (another 45min). We did the presentation/meeting and were back on the road by 11:30...and then I got home at 5! So I was in the car for a total of 7 hours and 15 minutes during the day Friday for those of you keeping track! Thinking that wasn't enough, Matt and I decided to go to Owen Sound to pick up a rocker/glider for Fawns room, so that was another 2 hours total.

Okay, so the point of this story...when we got home I noticed that I was lacking ankles! I was SO puffed up it was ridiculous!!! I actually noticed when we were at the mall and being the great hubby that Matt is he let me sit and when and got the car for me. So I spent Friday night with my feet in the air and icepacks on my legs! I think it was mainly the lack of movement and sitting for soooo long in one place, but it could also have had something to do with the lack of water I drank that day! I had a bit, but I was afraid that I would have to stop for a million pee breaks all the way home!

So ya, a note to self...don't do that again!

(I am pleased to report, my ankles are back now though!)

xo JBM

July 29, 2009

Fawn the Fish

Fawn is moving around right now, I think she is asking me to update her blog...

Last night we went for a swim in the lake and it was SOOOOOO nice! I didn't even have to ease in, I just walked in and tried to float on my noodle...which doesn't seem to want to hold both Fawn and I up! I could have stayed in the water all night it was so nice, also a nice break from the stickyness that was hanging in the air! I think Fawn loves to swim already, I can feel her doing little movements while I pretent to be a beached whale on a noodle!

When we got home we had to hose the sand off Toby and I asked Matt to hose me down too...I had worn a t-shirt in the water to hide my big white belly (not because of the bigness, but because of the lack of tanness!) and lifted it up to get the sand out and Fawn did NOT like that cold water! lol I think she did a flip inside me!

Fawn's new stroller arrived on Monday - very exciting! I had to order it online from Target and have it shipped to Auntie Bev's sisters house in Michigan, and then Auntie Bev suprised me Monday by going and getting it for me to save us the trip! :) Krista and Shawn gave us the one they had for Jordan which is great, but I kick the basket underneath because of my height I guess, which could get quite annoying on long walks. So that stroller is going to go to my parents house so we don't have to lug the stroller there everytime we visit and the new one will stay at our house. I love it! I can't wait to get Fawn in it!

I have ordered a print off Etsy for her room, and we are going to pick up a glider in Owen Sound on Friday after work - it's all coming together! :)
EDIT: Here is the print we picked... - I love that the U is "Unknown"

xo JBM

July 25, 2009

Just a quick note to say I made some changes to the blog - pretty eh! However, I don't think some of the features are working just yet...hopefully I can get that figured out soon!

Also, just wanted to note that Fawn seems to LOVE Jack Johnson! I'm going to look for the Curious George soundtrack today while we are in the city to use as her bedtime music (most of it).

xo JBM

July 22, 2009


Oops, I've fallen way behind again!

I've been feeling lots of little movements here and there lately, mainly really low or off to the side. She isn't strong enough just yet though to feel her on the outside. Fawn can hear us now so we've started reading her a bedtime story, I've got a few, but any suggestions for favorite books will be welcome (unless you are Laura and you are suggesting Twilight so she will become a Robert Pattison fan...that isn't welcome! lol). In the recent weekly update I got we also learned that she is practicing her facial expressions - it's so funny to think of her in there making faces! I can' t wait to see what she looks like! The update also told us that she is 27cm from the top of her head to her little toes (which have developed nails!)!
I had another midwife appointment this past Monday. Again Matt was unable to come (it sucks that they can't accomodate his schedule!), so my Mum (Gramma) came. We got to have a listen to Fawn again, and her heart beat has slowed down quite a bit (to a normal, more "mature" range), she is no longer a humingbird at only 150 bpm. As soon as I layed down I could feel her move and it was so neat to be able to hear her moving at the same time as feeling it! Whitney (our midwife) said everything is going great and we are right on track! I was measuring almost 22 weeks, but I was only 21 weeks, but she said that is normal and they will "accept" up to 23 weeks as normal. She also had the complete results from my ultrasound and said everything is great - they got good shots of everything (4-chamber heart, liver, bladder, stomach, spine, palate, cord, placenta....).

Fawn's little home is expanding quite a bit to make room for her in there - my belly button is even more shallow now! Luckily no streatch marks yet! :)

I've posted a couple pics from Kristen's wedding on the 18th so you can see my growing bump!

That's all for now! :)

xo JBM

July 7, 2009


I've been thinking I'm feeling little Fawn move for a week or so, but today sitting at my desk I definitely felt something! I tried to explain it to Laura, but I don't really know how to put it into words. It felt like she must have turned over or flipped in some way - it wasn't a kick or anything, just some definite movement!

Also, last night I noticed that my belly button seems to be getting shallower!

The BabyCentre updates that I get every week by email say that this week is the half-way point (19 weeks), but I was thinking 20 weeks would be. Either way, we are getting closer!

xo JBM

July 2, 2009

BabyMurphy is a.....SHE!!!

Well, we had our big ultrasound on June 27th and even though the little one was stretching and squirming, the tech told us she is "pretty sure" we are having a little girl! Technically they aren't allowed to tell you the gender anymore on site, they are supposed to put it in the report and then you have to wait to get the report from your doctor/midwife...but I don't have the patience for that. I had done a bunch of research before about what the ultrasound should look like at 18 weeks if it was a boy or if it was a girl, so I knew for a girl we were looking for those 3 little lines. I convinced the tech that showing me the picture she was going to use for the gender report wasn't against the rules, so when it came time she paused it on a pretty good image and said 'this is where we should be seeing boy parts if they were there', but I saw the 3 lines and blurted it out and she said yes, her guess would be girl, but not to go out and buy hundreds of dollars worth of pink stuff without receipts 'just in case'!

So, I am pretty convinced we have a little girl on the way, and so is Matt, and he is super excited to have a Daddy's little girl!

Below is her latest picture...
After seeing this picture Laura wondered why it said Baby in the bottom left if we didn't know what it was...she joked "as opposed to what...a fawn, or a colt"! So we have been referring to little BabyGirlMurphy as "Fawn".

I still think we are going to keep her name a secret, although that might not happen with Matt's big mouth! As soon as we got out of the ultrasound we stopped at my Mum's work to tell her she is having a grand-daughter and Matt thought I should tell her the name right then and there! We are pretty set on a name, but I'm still looking at other options as well incase something jumps out at us.

I got a call from the Midwifes office in Owen Sound on Monday to let me know they had received the results from our ultrasound the following week and the one on May 15th, and everything looks great! All of Fawn's measurements are spot on and she is growing as expected! My (or should I say her's as she is really the one using it!) placenta is anterior, meaning it is at the front which isn't a problem, but means it make take a little more time for us to feel Fawn move on the outside, which means more waiting for Matt, but it's in a good position and not covering my cervix at all!

My next midwife appointment with Whitney isn't until July 20th so hopefully I'll remember to post before then, if not, I'll post about that appointment! :)

xo JBM

June 21, 2009


I just did a funny little online prediction thing for my "birth experience" is the outcome...

The day you deliver, outside will be breezy. Your baby will arrive in wee hours of the morning . After a labor lasting approximately 9 hours, your child, a boy, will be born. Your baby will weigh about 11 pounds, 6 ounces, and will be 20-1/2 inches long. This child will have dark brown eyes and be almost bald.
-Madame Zaritska

This all sounds find and dandy...except for the 11 pound part!!!! Yikes!!!

June 17, 2009

16 Weeks

Oops, I've fallen WAY behind in updating!

I had my second ultrasound on May 15th and Matt got to come and see BabyMurphy wiggling around! S/he was really moving quite a bit, but we got to see some great shots and bring one home as well...

BabyMurphy isn't just a legume anymore! So cute!

I also went up to Owen Sound for my second Midwife appointment which my Mum got to come to. It was pretty standard, but I got to ask some questions (like do I have to have an IV, NO!) and we got to hear the heartbeat again! 160bpm! We could also hear lots of movement in there!

I've been thinking I feel movement every now and then, but I'm not 100% sure as I don't really know what it should feel like. Last night was a pretty restless night for me though and everytime I turned over to get comfy I thought I felt something, so maybe it was BabyMurphy getting comfy too! I'm starting to show quite a bit now, so I've been taking some belly pics and will post them later maybe.

I got my 16 week update this week and found out that BabyMurphy is the size of an avacado now and will double in size in the next 3 weeks!

I should have another picture to upload next week - we are going on Friday (June 26th) for the anatomy scan, so we should get to find out if BabyMurphy is a He or a She! I'm VERY excited and hope that s/he cooperates!

xo JBM