July 29, 2009

Fawn the Fish

Fawn is moving around right now, I think she is asking me to update her blog...

Last night we went for a swim in the lake and it was SOOOOOO nice! I didn't even have to ease in, I just walked in and tried to float on my noodle...which doesn't seem to want to hold both Fawn and I up! I could have stayed in the water all night it was so nice, also a nice break from the stickyness that was hanging in the air! I think Fawn loves to swim already, I can feel her doing little movements while I pretent to be a beached whale on a noodle!

When we got home we had to hose the sand off Toby and I asked Matt to hose me down too...I had worn a t-shirt in the water to hide my big white belly (not because of the bigness, but because of the lack of tanness!) and lifted it up to get the sand out and Fawn did NOT like that cold water! lol I think she did a flip inside me!

Fawn's new stroller arrived on Monday - very exciting! I had to order it online from Target and have it shipped to Auntie Bev's sisters house in Michigan, and then Auntie Bev suprised me Monday by going and getting it for me to save us the trip! :) Krista and Shawn gave us the one they had for Jordan which is great, but I kick the basket underneath because of my height I guess, which could get quite annoying on long walks. So that stroller is going to go to my parents house so we don't have to lug the stroller there everytime we visit and the new one will stay at our house. I love it! I can't wait to get Fawn in it!

I have ordered a print off Etsy for her room, and we are going to pick up a glider in Owen Sound on Friday after work - it's all coming together! :)
EDIT: Here is the print we picked...http://tinyurl.com/law895 - I love that the U is "Unknown"

xo JBM


  1. I am so glad that everything seems to be rolling along now! It's constant excitement from now on!
    Please post pictures of the Etsy print etc when you talk about them so we can see too! I want to be in on all the details!
    Jealous about the water. The beach near us is lovely, but all stones, no sand and the ocean is always frigid. Ella really likes the sounds of the waves though. Get yourself an inner tube to float belly up!

  2. Sadly the beach by our house is pretty rocky too, but I just wear my ugly fake crocs in and it's fine - it's the slime that bothers me though!
    I edited the post to include a link to the print :)

  3. Hi,Joelene..am I a creep for reading your blog? Ha ha...maybe a creep minor. Just wanted to say I hear you about the stroller kicking. I have a very hard time being tall and pushing a stroller; tall + stroller = FAIL. My solution was to get a jogging stroller. They are sooo great, easy to push, nice big wheels go over anything and no kick problems. They seem bulky but are incredibly easy to fold up and transport. I love mine and can't even tell you the difference it's made. Perfect for beach walks and camping too, since it seems you are outdoorsy. It's worth getting, believe me.You look great by the way!!!