April 26, 2010

Make-It Monday

On top of Wordless Wednesday's (which I should try harder to keep up with), I'm going to start a new weekly addition of Make-It Monday's. Every Monday I'll do a post about something I have made - whether it be a craft, food....etc. Should be interesting!

When we were in Waterloo this past weekend I picked up some supplies to make some pacifier lanyards. I am planning on making a bunch of things to set up a table at the local market in the park this summer to make some extra dough. I have grand dreams that it will take off and I can start selling online and never have to work again....but in reality I'm not that great of a seamstress so we'll see how it goes!

So, here is the first one! I will make them with only one fabric, but for Sloan's I couldn't decide which fabric I liked best so I thought I would just use both of my fav's! I was in FabricLand for a loooong time (especially long considering Matt was waiting in the car with a napping Noodle), but it was SO hard to decide on which fabrics I liked best! I got 5 different patterns so stay tuned to see the rest!

I need to make it a little more narrow to let it fit better on the clip and through the soother handle part.

So, what do you think? What would you pay for such a thing?

xo JBM


  1. Looks great! I think having the two contrasting materials looks good! You should do some more like that as well as matching ones cause it is a neat look.
    As for price, what about something like $3 each or 2 for $5?

    I have my first stall at the market tomorrow (since last August). I am excited. I have only made a few things to see how it goes. I made some of those baby leg warmers from the pattern you sent me.
    We should share patterns and stuff!
    When is your market?

  2. Well done! I think it looks great with both fabrics on it. I think doing a bit of both as well will sell really well. You are very talented and it's great that you can share this with other people online and at the market. I wish I was this creative! I like your idea of sharing this with us each Monday. I have a lot of friends/coworkers having babies soon (or just have had babies) and I know they would love to see these ideas as well. :)

  3. Love the fabrics you have chosen Joelene, you're so talented. Should get a booth lined up for the summer markets at the park.
    I would pay 4 - 6 for this "suzy boodle" but then again, any Nanna would pay any price for their wee grand's happiness.

  4. I love it, such a great idea. You could make lots of things, that a realitively low cost wise for you, and limited time into making as well. I think that I would pay $5 for that. However, I am now a city girl, and don't know the pricing of the markets. How much do retailers charge for these same items? Try to go off that pricing maybe? People will pay an extra little amount if it is homemade I think. I know I would!

  5. if either of my babes had taken a soother i totally would have bought one!
    i like the two different materials together also! the contrast is waaaaaay cute!
    i'm totally envious of anyone who can use a sewing machine.... i just end up with with mangled material.. a broken machine and puncture wounds from the needle. i think i'll stick to taking photos and leave the sewing up to you! :)