July 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: The Toothless Wonder


  1. I know I say this too much (can it ever be too much?) But she is seriously stunning. Look at those eyes! She has such a pretty smile. I love the cute necklace.
    Sloan is beautiful!!!!!
    And she looks so much like you, Joelene.

  2. Where did you get the amber necklace from and do you find it is working?

  3. Adorbable. I don't have words :) xo

  4. Thanks ladies! She is pretty cute eh!
    Her necklace is Baltic amber from Inspired by Finn (http://hyenacart.com/inspiredbyfinn/) it's to help with teething (while it looks adorable!). She hasn't cut any teeth yet so I don't really know if it is helping yet, but I hope it does! She's had her hands in her mouth lots and there are times when the drool gets insane so I think there is one coming soon!