October 4, 2010

Dear Sloan: Ten Months

Well little missy, you are now 10 months old and it is impossible to believe that in two short months you will be a YEAR old! September was a great month, you are growing like a weed and changing everyday it seems!

This month you got your first tooth! We thought it looked like it was going to poke through for a while, but on the 6th it popped through! It is the cutest little tiny tooth! There was one night that you didn't sleep too much, and then next thing we knew it was there! You have been wearing a baltic amber necklace that is supposed to help with the pain of teething and I think it did it's job!

On September 10th Uncle David and Uncle Brad moved to Kincardine - I'm excited for you to have so much family around you that loves you so! Much to my dissapointment you still aren't saying Mama (or any version of Mum, Mummy, Mama, or even Ma), however after spending just a few days with Uncle David you seem to be trying to say his name! You are babbling lots and love to move your lips to see what kind of sounds you can get, but now you are doing 'Day-did' a lot it seems!

You are a VERY speedy crawler now! You make a b-line for Toby's water dish to tip it still, it's a race that you usually win! You love to chase both Toby and Bane, but Toby acts like he will get some horrible disease if he lets you touch him, Bane on the other hand will let you head-butt into him all day! I picked up a little pink ball for you so we could roll it back and forth, but you prefer to roll it all over the house and do this adorable little crouch to look under stuff when it gets stuck under the chair or coffee table. It's hard for me to not just take pictures of you constantly being cute!

In addition to your first tooth this month, you also had your first camping trip and first swimming lesson! We went camping up in Owen Sound at the KOA campgroud and stayed in the most adorable cabin and you were the greatest little camper! Esther is your teacher at swimming and you will go to her just fine for your 1-on-1 time and have even done a little swimming under water with no fuss!

We love you so much Sloan! Finding you standing in your crib, happily talking away to yourself in the mornings is such a delight! Knowing that we then get to spend another day watching you explore and grow is so much fun!

xo Mama

*pictures to be added when bloggers stops giving me a hard time!

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