February 21, 2013

point five

Time is flying - huge cliche, but it's true! Somehow on the 12th Will was half a year old! I took about a billion pictures that day - and he was smiling in all of them! As long as he has a full belly, dry diaper and Mummy in sight - he is the happiest little man there could be! I love that he now looks for me and holds his arms out to me for snuggles. He grabs my face and gives huge open mouth kisses...which means he is looking for milk usually! He started doing the army crawl around 5 months and by 6 months had a full on crawl mastered! He loves to sit and examine toys (usually his sisters) and just take in the world, but gets especially excited when he sees the cat or dog walk by! When Daddy gets home at the end of the day his face lights up with smiles and he starts to coo at him. He has tried some banana and sweet potatoes and even pear, but isn't too interested in actually eating anything...which isn't affecting his size at all as he is tipping the scales near 23 pounds! He is a little fish in the water and could stay in the bath for hours if we let him. He loves his sister to bits and will take every kiss, hug, snuggle and poke from her that he can get!
Love you little Willberino! xo

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Sloan at 2, 2.5, and 3

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  1. Will seems like the happiest baby ever - you're so lucky to have such a cute and smiley little one. 6 months! Crazy. Time really is flying. The snuggles are the best :)