April 17, 2009

Spreading the News!

Oops, it's been a while - let's blame that on "placenta brain", something I have seen many a pregnant woman use as an excuse for just about anything!

Last weekend (on Good Friday) I got to tell the girls - it was SO exciting, but strangely nervewracking! I didn't want to just blurt it out, but I also hadn't thought up an interesting way to do it (let's blame that on the exhaustion). Luckily though, Laura gave me the perfect set up! We were all lazying about in her livingroom and we were discussing how old we have become, and she then said, "would you have ever thought we would be here, Elsie with a new baby, Randi with a puppy and married..." and thats when I blurted out, and "me pregnant!" I think there was a bit of disbelief at first, but then it was tears and hugs!

On Easter Monday Matt and I took my parents out for lunch with the intention of telling them as well, but again, we didn't have anything clever planned. We went to Hawg's Breath and after we had received our food and I still hadn't said anything, Matt said "so Joelene, are you going to tell them or what?" My Mum just turned to me and said "are you" and I nodded - yelps and tears followed, along with the cutest statement of "my dream has come true". Both of them were really excited for us, and I think my Mum will have a REALLY hard time keeping it a secret for the next month or so!

That night I called David as well to tell him. It seemed like I was on a roll now and just couldn't stop telling people! I wanted everyone to share in our excitement! I chatted with David for a bit about school and how things are going out there and when he asked what I was up to, I said "not much, just cooking a baby", which isn't the clearest of statements in expressing that you are pregnant, but he got it!

Tuesday I finally got the results from the bloodwork I had done a week prior, which of course confirmed that I am indeed pregnant with HcG levels of about 14000 - whatever that means...

I'm still peeing lots and feeling exhausted a lot of the time, but I have recently added to that some nausea. It's mainly at night and creating some food aversions, but not horrible yet - and lets hope it stays like that!

I go next Monday for my dating ultrasound, so I'll post an update after that! :)

xo JBM

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