April 9, 2009


Just a quick update, nothing too exciting...

I got my blood work results back on Monday from the 6 viles they took last week. However the nurse didn't tell me much over the phone, just that "everything looks fine", she said all will be discussed at my next appointment, but she thinks I am RH positive which she thinks means I will need a shot to make sure I don't poison the baby with my blood closer to the end of the pregnancy. I think I'll wait to hear that from the doctor seeing as she didn't seem too clear on what was going on. I also asked if the test confirmed my pregnancy and apparently out of all 6 viles not one drop of blood was tested to confirm! Grrr! So, the nurse left a bloodwork requisition at the front desk for me and I went in Tuesday for one more vile to be sucked from me...my arm is beginning to show the signs!

When I went in Tuesday I was told that the results would be in Wednesday, so I called yesterday and had to leave a message for the nurse, then I finally talked to the front desk and she told me the nurse was gone for the day...great...then, she tells me my new doctor is on vacation now and won't be back until the 19th...even greater! So I left it, thinking there was nothing to be done. Then I called this morning and said just open my darn file and tell me if there is a + or a -. It's not that hard! Nope, no can do! I was so frustrated! However, the nurse who was supposed to be off on vacation too, just happened to be in for a bit today and called me to let me know that they hadn't received the results back from the lab yet. Lovely, please, take your time, it's not exciting news or anything! She told me she would call later today if they came in, but otherwise not to expect news until next Tuesday when they come back from the long weekend.

I know I'm pregnant, two positive tests, and still no period is enough to tell me that, but I just really wanted that positive blood test before I tell anyone else. Oh well!

I'm getting together with the girls this weekend before Randi goes back to Edmonton and Elsie and Ella are off to the UK, and we are going to stay at Laura's - the perfect opportunity to tell everyone at once! I can't wait to see their reaction! It was SO hard not to tell Elsie and Randi last weekend when I saw them!

In other news, I am peeing more than ever! I have to get up to pee part way through the night. If it's this bad already, I can't imagine how it will be once I have something bigger than a seed pushing down on my bladder! I'm also exhausted!

I'll update again when I FINALLY get the bloodwork results back!

xo JBM

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