July 2, 2009

BabyMurphy is a.....SHE!!!

Well, we had our big ultrasound on June 27th and even though the little one was stretching and squirming, the tech told us she is "pretty sure" we are having a little girl! Technically they aren't allowed to tell you the gender anymore on site, they are supposed to put it in the report and then you have to wait to get the report from your doctor/midwife...but I don't have the patience for that. I had done a bunch of research before about what the ultrasound should look like at 18 weeks if it was a boy or if it was a girl, so I knew for a girl we were looking for those 3 little lines. I convinced the tech that showing me the picture she was going to use for the gender report wasn't against the rules, so when it came time she paused it on a pretty good image and said 'this is where we should be seeing boy parts if they were there', but I saw the 3 lines and blurted it out and she said yes, her guess would be girl, but not to go out and buy hundreds of dollars worth of pink stuff without receipts 'just in case'!

So, I am pretty convinced we have a little girl on the way, and so is Matt, and he is super excited to have a Daddy's little girl!

Below is her latest picture...
After seeing this picture Laura wondered why it said Baby in the bottom left corner...as if we didn't know what it was...she joked "as opposed to what...a fawn, or a colt"! So we have been referring to little BabyGirlMurphy as "Fawn".

I still think we are going to keep her name a secret, although that might not happen with Matt's big mouth! As soon as we got out of the ultrasound we stopped at my Mum's work to tell her she is having a grand-daughter and Matt thought I should tell her the name right then and there! We are pretty set on a name, but I'm still looking at other options as well incase something jumps out at us.

I got a call from the Midwifes office in Owen Sound on Monday to let me know they had received the results from our ultrasound the following week and the one on May 15th, and everything looks great! All of Fawn's measurements are spot on and she is growing as expected! My (or should I say her's as she is really the one using it!) placenta is anterior, meaning it is at the front which isn't a problem, but means it make take a little more time for us to feel Fawn move on the outside, which means more waiting for Matt, but it's in a good position and not covering my cervix at all!

My next midwife appointment with Whitney isn't until July 20th so hopefully I'll remember to post before then, if not, I'll post about that appointment! :)

xo JBM

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