August 24, 2009

99 DAYS!!!

We are out of the triple digit countdown - only 99 days until due day!!! VERY exciting!

I don't have much to report, I just wanted to make that known! That's basically 3 months! Which also means I will be done work in less than 3 months - 12 weeks to be exact!!! When I think of how fast the first 12 weeks of this pregnancy went by, that will be gone in no time! Especially because we have fun things coming up to help pass the time - tomorrow we are going to the Harbour Stree Brasserie to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary, this weekend is Matt's ball tournament in town, then we have his year end ball party on the 5th of September, then we have the 3D ultrasound on the 19th and then the last weekend of September is the ball tournament in OwenSound that we might camp during, then we have our 4 week series (every Wednesday night) prenatal classes in October and I have a trip to Toronto for work during the last week of October....and then it will be November and we will have one month left!!! 2 weeks of work!!! Woooohooo!

Fawn has been moving lots lately, I'm excited to find out which way she is laying when I go to my midwife appointment on Wednesday. I always feel her movement in either the lower left part of my belly, or my upper right part - arms and legs? kicking and punching? I'll also be scheduling my gestational diabetes test while I'm there, and booking a tour of the birth centre. :)
In addition to movement, I've also been feeling some braxton hicks contractions - I wish this is what labour would feel like - just some pressure and hardening of my belly. It's exciting that things are coming along so quickly!

xo JBM


  1. Sounds like you have lots to keep you busy! I am sure the time will fly by :)

  2. Let me know what the birth centre tour was like!

    I'll start manifesting now that your active late stages of labour are EXACTLY like your Braxton Hick Contractions you're having right now.

  3. I will only allow an easy labour for you.

  4. Fawn is coming out of where?