September 3, 2009

Quick Photo Update

I'm pretty convinced that at this rate we will be having a 12lb baby...should be interesting! aAs you can see, I am gigantic! Fawn is still measuring right on target, and her little butt is still poking out on my right side. I'm wondering if the old wives-tales are true and she will have lots of the heartburn!

(wearing my new shirt from Krista - thanks cuz!)

(my bare Fawn belly - see her pokey butt, and my giant face)

(Matt holding Fawn)

xo JBM

p.s. fun Fawn fact...she had the hiccups twice today!


  1. Joelene, you're not gigantic! You're silly.
    Honestly, you look amazing. You've got the excited mother-to-be glow on you. And your bump (with Fawn butt or not) is the perfectly round belly!

    I can't wait to see you and say hello to small Fawn myself!

    PS - you're growing a human in there! All by yourself!

  2. oh my goodness. you can hold her little noodle bum! Your belly looks great! and the heartburn lies!! Ella is still bald as a cueball at 8 months and I had constant heartburn for months, especially at night.

  3. This noodle butt thing is getting out of control. No one told me pregnancy would make me say insane things! Toby hasn't been called Toby by me for a good month or so now...he is strictly referred to as Noodle or NoodleButt. He actually comes to it now and perks up when he hears it! Sadly I am also calling Fawn a little noodle butt...I am going to be one of those Mothers that has to cycle though 5 or 6 names before I get the right one...

  4. Why cycle? You can use them all!!
    Ella gets called:
    Scrumps, Scrumpalina, Scrumparooney, Scrumpikins, Girlykins, Girlina, Babelina, Munchkin, Munchkie, Munch, Munchkarooney, Boobelina, Eleanor Smellanor, Little Ella with the wooden leg, and more!
    She loves it all!

  5. You look great! And you're not gigantic - you have a baby cooking in there!