August 11, 2009

Fawn the Furnace

Things are heating up, but I think it's just me! We are finally experiencing some summer weather, but with that comes the humidity which does not agree with Fawn or I! On Sunday I felt like I was dying of heat exhaustion! I think I just about drank my weight in water and ended up going to the beach two seperate times just to get cooled off, all the while Matt kept telling me "it's not that warm". It will be nice come cooler weather to have a built in furnace, but for now it would be nice if she would change over to some A/C!

In addition to stealing my memory, Fawn now seems to be working on stealing my eye-sight! I thought I was just a little blurry eyed yesterday morning due to having to go back to work after vacation, but it continued off and on throughout the day and on to today as well. I've already had to get glasses for reading and computer work, next she'll have me in coke-bottle glasses! On the bright side, from what I've read, this should go away after she makes her appearance on the outside!

In other news, we're still debating going for the 3D ultrasound to find out forsure that Fawn is a little girl, and I'm now leaning towards doing it because I had a dream that she came out a he last night! The only issue is that we have to make plans to go out of town for it and try to book a weekend appointment so Matt doesn't have to take time off to come too.

xo JBM

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  1. It has taken nearly 8 months. but my memory is getting back to normal now. well, at least when i am not too tired to remember things.
    I can still beat everyone at Scene it though, so I don't resent Ella too much over it.