August 13, 2009


I finally remembered to take the camera on our trip to the beach tonight!

So...a little perspective...

Matt was sitting on the beach, this is what he sees...

and...this is what I see...

(yes, my bellybutton is not-so-slowly disappearing, and yes, Fawn seems to be sitting more on the right)

Also, I caved and booked a 3D ultrasound! Mummy is treating us to making sure Fawn is indeed a Fawn, and not a Colt. We are going down to London on September 19th so I'll be posting pictures right after that for sure! I was a little iffy at first about the idea...if we already know we are having a little girl, and have her name choosen, do we really want to know what she is going to look like too? But I just can't resist, I REALLY want to know for sure if we are having a little girl or boy!

xo JBM

p.s. Is it just me or does it look like my butt is getting droopy!? Maybe it's time to invest in some Mum jeans!


  1. This isn't going to be an exciting comment just because I want to see if it works.

    For the record - your belly is perfect. Honest.
    You are so cute.
    And your butt isn't droopy! You're being a silly girl.

    A Fawn is in there!!!

  2. lol Your butt is not droopy! And your baby belly is tres adorable. You look great! Hot mamma for sure. Looking forward to see the 3D pictures! If you will be in London on Sept 19 maybe we can meet up! We could always meet in Waterloo or something :)

  3. Okay so that was me, LR writing that comment. Apparently I forgot to include my name!

  4. LK said: "And your butt isn't droopy! You're being a silly girl.

    A Fawn is in there!!!"

    Is she saying that Fawn is in your butt?

  5. I think you look absolutely positively wonderfully beautiful my little cousin!!!