September 15, 2009

Another Update

Just another quick update!
I had another midwife appointment today up in Owen Sound - I hate having to drive up there each time, but it's worth it to meet with Whitney! It was a pretty short visit today, not too much to discuss. Whitney said my bloodwork from my gestational diabetes test came back great so I don't need to worry about that! My blood pressure is still good and I am still measuring on target. I got to hear Fawn's little heart beat again and it doesn't get any less exciting each time! She was at 140 bpm today! Whitney also did some poking around and I got to feel Fawn's head (which is down, where it will hopefully stay!) and she confirmed that she is indeed laying with her butt on my right.
I am off to try and find a comfy spot in bed to watch the BB finale night!

xo JBM
p.s. Cuz'n Krista pointed out another essential for Fawn that I love and would really come in handy around here...

The infant house cleaning mop!


  1. I refuse to accept that this is real. As if someone tried marketing this.
    Hmm, what can I get my child to do since it can't walk yet?
    I have no words.
    Too bad it wasn't modelled by Robert Pattinson?
    He seems to have all the essentials as a baby!

  2. Hahah cute baby but yeah, that's odd. It looks like the baby is laying on a rug lol

  3. That is the best invention ever. In absolute, 100% honesty I have said to Adam AT LEAST 3-4 times...."I wish I could just throw a dust rag over her and send her under the couch/beds etc"
    You all just wait till you have a baby flying around on her/his hands and knees finding every speck of fluff that you thought you just cleaned and popping it in her/his mouth. it makes you feel like your house is NEVER clean and you would do anything, including dress your cute baby up as a mop.
    Also, I am rethinking the helmet. Ella has an ugly purple bruise on her cheek and a red bump on her temple. it looks like she got beat up by someone right handed (her left side is fine!)