September 10, 2009


While doing some research for Fawn's registry I have come accross a few things that I think are absolutely essential when having a baby...

Of course there is the lederhosen leash...
Not only nice to look at, it is also functional in helping to hoist your child up the steps to a slide without actually having to touch them...

(modeled by Robert Pattinson)

If you choose not to invest in the lederhosen leash, you may want to register for one of these...
The Jolly Jumper Bumper Bonnet - it is available in various prints incase this one isn't your thing!

And finally, and somewhat seriously...the snot sucker...aka Nasal Aspirator

This is an essential because I once read that if you don't have one you can use your MOUTH!!!!

xo JBM


  1. I am dying laughing.
    It's continuous.
    Everytime I see that stupid helmet or that leash, I am in tears.
    I'm getting you both. I don't care if I waste $30 doing it either.
    I love how they make the helmet child look like he's swaying off balace. "Woah, better get my helmet on!"

    Poor Robert Pattinson in the leash. Cute baby though!

  2. I dyed laughing too. I have seen that pic of Rpaz before but when I saw it here I was like "I know this baby...who is this?" lol

    I remember having one of those snot suckers in the bathroom drawer I shared with my brother. I think my mom used it on him all the time. For years I had no clue what it was haha

  3. Wait, is that really Robert Pattinson? I thought you guys were joking the other day??

  4. lol Yes, it is! LK is so obsessed she hunts down his baby pictures!

  5. The best snot sucker is the Nosefrieda in my opinion and you do use your mouth for that one! Believe me, you'll do ANYTHING.

  6. IT's a shame I live a gazillion miles away. We got two snot suckers and have never used either one. One is still in the package. Ella just hasn't been a snotty girl....sticky, runny eye yes..but snotty, no.