January 28, 2010

Girly Getaway

Sloan, Nana and I got back last night from our first girly getaway - we had a great time!

It was time for the annual steering committee meeting for my work, so I thought it would be the perfect time to go to Toronto so everyone could meet Sloan and I could show her off! I plotted with our executive assistant and made plans to surprise everyone, as well as arrange a room at the hotel (which they generously supplied us with!).

So Tuesday morning we finally (about an hour after we had planned) loaded up the car with just about everything we own and dropped off Toby and picked up Nana and got on the road to Toronto. Sloan is a very good traveller and slept all the way to Waterloo where we stopped for breakfast and then went on to Cambridge and stopped at the Once Upon A Child. We spent quite a while at the shop, picking out lots of adorable outfits for Sloan - I can't wait for summer so she can wear the adorable dresses we got! Sloan went back to sleep and we were back on the road! We got checked into the Novotel and then headed out for a little shopping at the St. Lawrence Market before I jumped into the meeting to surprise everyone. Of course, just leaving the hotel we ran into someone from work who was out for a smoke break, but I swore him to secrecy! ;)

Everyone loved meeting Sloan and were super surprised to see us there! Sloan got passed around a bit and was quiet as a mouse!

We were lucky enough to get together with Laura K and Laura R for dinner at Ichiban...YUMMMM. I stuffed myself with sushi and tempura veggies and had to change Sloan on the bench in the restaurant...FUN! I really do think it should be mandatory for all restaurants to have change stations in them!

Sloan enjoyed her first night in a hotel:

She looked so tiny in the big white bed!

Yesterday we got up and had breakfast with the work group and then headed out for more shopping at the market...but I couldn't take it in there too long - the smell of all the raw meat and seafood was making me sick. We headed to Mavis road for some more shopping and then made the trek home. The roads weren't bad until we got to about Wingham and then we hit some snow and Sloan started to get fussy...but who can blame her, she was in the "bucket" for so long!

All in all, it was a great trip and I'm so glad Nana was able to come with us! It was also nice to get away because it helped to take our minds off missing Matt so much while he is away at trade school.

xo JBM


  1. What a great detailed, yet enjoyable post!!!! I LOVE the pic where you and Sloan are in bed together! So cute!!! She looks so alive and fun!!! (Please give her a pet). It is also great that you are able to see such good friends, and spend time with your family! You are very lucky, and its amazing you can share this with Sloan!

    I love that LK is wearing her work tag still! haha

  2. Ya, I have a problem with writing too much detail...I need to work on that! lol This post was almost a lot longer and I took a bunch out! haha
    We are very lucky to get to spend so much time with friends and family...but would be even luckier if you were closer!

  3. Love this post too! and I love the picture of you two in bed. Her hair is so cute.
    It was great to see you and Sloan but it was also really nice to see your mother. I haven't seen Bev in a while.
    Hopefully Sloan liked her Ichiban experience and I hope she liked the food (flitered of course!)
    and that in the future she wil BEG her mummy to come to Ichiban :-)

    I loved when Sloan gave me the huge smile at dinner. It was all I was waiting for!

    Randi - yes I always forget to take off my work tag haha I'm glad you noticed.
    And I like how you want to "pet" Sloan. haha

  4. Your detail is perfect! Don't change a thing.

  5. I am so glad you are still updating your blog! I love reading about you and the fam :) Thanks again for coming down, it was so nice to see you guys and meet Sloan (she looks so much more comfortable in LK's arms than mine haha) and I love the sleeper 'wink'. I agree with Randi, don't change anything about the posts. The more detailed, the better, as those of us that can't see you guys everyday still get the details! Hopefull we will be able to make it up to visit soon! Miss you guys xo