January 22, 2010


I am loving breastfeeding. I've always assumed I would breastfeed, I assumed it would come naturally to me, but I didn't realize I would love it so much! I love it as much as I loved being pregnant and I'm sure I'll miss it as well when it is over (not for a long time).

In the first couple of days things were a bit rough, neither Sloan or I knew how to get her to latch properly, we struggled and I became very engorged which made it harder for her to latch, which made it very painful and I ended up with pretty sore nipples - it was a rough cycle and I could see at this point how some women turn to formula. But I had done a lot of research and felt prepared for this, so on went the cabbage and lanolin and we pushed through. On day 5 we had a midwife visit that changed everything! She taught me the perfect way to get Sloan latched and breastfeeding has been a cinch since!

I've been lucky that I have an excellent supply, but this brings me to my least favorite thing about breastfeeding...the leaking! I've tried a few different types of pads, but nothing seems to hold the floodgates for long! I've been using diaper inserts since the thought of disposable pads piling up was a little much! Any suggestions? I have some microfiber and fleece so I may try to sew up a few of my own.

We've mastered the art of nursing lying down and we both often fall asleep right after so Sloan frequently wakes up with a little dried up milk mustache/beard/sideburn....SO cute!

Just in the past couple of weeks Sloan has begun to realize that it's me feeing her, not just some magical tap for her convenience. During the day while I am nursing her she will often look up at me and smile...thus getting milk everywhere, but it is just so cute! She will also hold my hand while she eats and searches at night for this comfort.

I also LOVE how easy it is to just leave the house with Sloan, my purse stuffed with a couple diapers and a backup outfit and my boobs...which were coming anyway. Babies seem to have enough "stuff" so it's nice to not have to lug around a bunch more...and to not have to worry about the extra washing - I HATE doing dishes!

I guess the only real thing that I dislike about breastfeeding is that Matt can't share it with us. Sure he can sit with us and talk to Sloan while I feed her, but he doesn't really get to experience it, and I wish he could.

xo JBM

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  1. you are so funny!
    'and my boobs, which were coming anyway'..haha!
    and i like you refering to your breasts as a 'magical tap for her convenience'. excellent way of putting it.
    I feel the exact same way. Everyone talks about how great nursing is for the baby's health (and it is!!) but no one talks about how amazing you feel. I think more women would breastfeed if this weren't kept such a secret. Though it is hard to put into words, i felt that happiness radiated from within me and connected me to Ella's heart when we were nursing. especially in those first few precious months.
    I am so happy for you that things are going so swimmingly for you and Sloan.