March 2, 2010

Dear Sloan: Three Months

My dearest little NoodleE you are growing and changing so much! Today, on your 1/4 year Birthday you were 13lbs11oz! And every single ounce is made up of lovable adorableness!

This month you started babbling to us A LOT! You coo and goo and sometimes surprise yourself by how loud you can get! You love to sit on your Daddy's chest and just talk away with him. I've caught your chatty-ness a few times on camera, but you seem to really like the camera and usually just stare into it every time I put it in your face (which is a lot). You also started doing the cutest little growl in the last week or so - it is almost a whisper, but it sounds like you are trying to mimic a growl. I love all of your little noises! Because of your love of the camera I sometimes call you a ham, and sometimes you are acting like a little sometimes you are called a ham-nut....I'll apologize now for the identity crisis you will surely suffer! Luckily your Daddy calls you by your real name more often!
This month you celebrated your first Valentines Day and went out to a fancy dinner with Mummy, Daddy, Nana, Papa, and your Great-Nanny. You are an excellent dinner companion and draw in the other diners to your cuteness! You have also attended a couple of volunteer meetings (one for the Women's House and one for the MS Walk) and you are a great companion there too - you are still so compact and a great traveller! You love the car and fall asleep almost the instant we take off!

(All dressed up for V-Day dinner)

In other firsts...there was your first swim...which you LOVED! I think you're going to be a little water-baby and can't wait for the summer and lots of beach days! There was also your first Superbowl, you watched with Daddy and helped Mummy prepare all the tasty snacks! And then there was your first Olympic games! We watched quite a few of the games in Vancouver, but most exciting was the final hockey game that Canada won against the USA. Mommy shrieked so loudly at one point you started to cry...sorry for startling you!

(Your 1st swim!)

You are sleeping longer at night now and it breaks my heart that you actually like sleeping in your crib...maybe you are just happy to be away from Daddy's snoring! I miss you in bed with us, but I guess you had to go at sometime...I just didn't think it would be so soon. You always wake up with a smile and I can't wait to get in your room to see you in there! You are able to roll from your back to your side now, so you are moseying around your crib that way, but sometimes I can't believe the positions you get yourself in to!

You still look a lot like your Daddy most days, but I think you are starting to look like me more too...

Speaking of Daddy...he is home now! He is all finished up trade-school as of Feb 26th and we are so happy to have him home for good now! It will be nice to know he will be home for dinner everynight and get to kiss you good bye every morning!

Mama loves you Sloan!

xo Mama


  1. Such beautiful words. Sloan will appreciate these letters when she is older. They are from the heart and so sweet.
    Again, such pretty girls. Matt's a lucky boy!!

  2. Did anyone else just well up reading this? You guys are so lucky to have such a wonderful family :) Love Sloans pink stripped sweater by the way, do they make those in grown up sizes? haha

  3. In the photo...Is Nanny enjoying cooing to Kathleen?