February 28, 2010


Sloan went swimming at the pool for the first time today...and LOVED it!

Sloan's First Swim! from Joelene Murphy on Vimeo.

xo JBM


  1. Honestly, this video made me grin ear to ear. Look how happy you and Matt are. It's adorable watching these videos, especially of one of Sloan's firsts!
    Joelene, you're an extremely lucky lady to have such a beautiful little family and to have these experiences first hand. Since I don't (yet) I love watching and reading your blog so I can see Sloan grow. I'm really fortunate to have such a close friend like you and I enjoy seeing Sloan grow up so much. I wish I could see you both more often.
    Please send the Noodle-fish some fishy kisses. (you know the ones I'm talking about)

  2. Looks like Sloan had fun! You guys looked so cute, especially Matt - you can see just how much he loves his noodle :) I almost cried! Sloan's little swimsuit is so adorable as well. Looks like she will be as good a swimmer as her mommy before you know it!