June 28, 2010

The Clapper!

Sloan wants to know...
What do you think of our new entertainment unit???

Matt and I feel like such grown-ups now! I should have taken a before pic, but most of you had seen our set up - the tv on an old dresser that I had picked up at a yard sale the summer after first year university and painted orange, and then chocolate brown...and the dvd player and playstation on a tv table beside it...with cords everywhere! lol Time to grow up a little! I still have to finish adding stuff to it, and we need to lose the bookshelf, but I need something else to go there before I can do that - it looked too bare with nothing there...plus, I need somwhere to put all the books!

Also, Noodle loves to clap...

xo JBM


  1. OMG!!! Joelene, you didn't tell you got it. I'm so excited for you. I will need details.
    Sloan is so TINY infront of that massive entertainment unit.
    Is Matt officially the happiest man alive?
    Him and Mike can gush about it.
    At least you got it in time for HD Big Brother!

    Did Sloan clap when the TV came in? LOL

  2. We've actually had the tv for a little over a month I think, but just finally found a stand we like. We don't have HD yet, not sure if we're going to make the switch to digital cable or not yet.

    Sloan clapped and jumped for joy (in the jolly jumper) when we got the tv! lol

  3. The clapping is so cute. when you said the whole set up took up the entire wall, I thought you were exaggerating....you weren't!!! You could do without the bookshelf. I am sure Sloan can find something to fill the space. Part of growing up is decluttering you know! hahaha Do you need it in that room? What about putting the books int he storage unit? Will they fit?

  4. Omg! So cute!! She is so cute its killing me!

    LOVE the entertainment unit. Its like a big real sized house version of ours lol I like the bookshelf - you could probably keep it, maybe just paint it dark brown to match?

    I am sure Jon will love it too along with Mike and Matt haha

    Sloan is adorable :)xo