June 2, 2010

Dear Sloan: Six Months

WOW! I cannot believe that you are already a half a year old! Half a year! Crazy! In just 6 short months you have completely stolen my heart and replaced it with one that is somehow more full of love than I ever thought possible. Your Daddy and I love you more and more each day and love you with every ounce of loving possible! Also, in just 6 months you have really started to become your own little person. You have likes (kisses, playing in the water, watching Toby & Bane run around, the jolly jumper, seeing Daddy when he comes home from work, the ABC's...etc) and dislikes (laying down unless you are in bed, chicken, the feeling of grass on your feet...). Your personality is blooming and it is so neat to watch!

This month you really started to babble more and make more sounds. You love when we mimic you! Da-Da seems to be your favourite so far! Sometimes you surprise yourself by figuring out how to make a wh or p sound and you look so proud of yourself - you look around to see if anyone is watching as if to say 'did you just hear that - I did that!' It is SO cute! You still do your adorable little growl which is getting louder and all the other Mummy's at baby group think it is so funny!

We have had some really beautiful weather this month - lots of sunshine and some really warm days too! You don't mind coming out to help me with the yard work and loved sitting and watching me plant a herb garden (which is now growing just as fast as you!).

You have tried a few different foods now in the purees I've been making for you. So far you seem to like sweet potato and black beans the best. You also have a new obsession for drinking glasses! If there is one in sight, you want it! You're also pretty good at drinking out of a cup now too!

I got to enjoy my first Mother's Day this month too which was great! I love being your Mummy so it was nice to spend a day just celebrating that!

You've been working on your rolling and have flipped back to belly and belly to back a few times, but are still working on perfecting it - sometimes your little arm gets stuck and in your way! You seem to be able to get a move on most in your crib and I've found you on your belly more than once after your nap! You have also learned to clap this month and it is the cutest thing ever! Each time you do it I say YAYYYY and your little face lights up with the biggest smile!
You have become a better sleeper this month, waking only a couple times a night to eat...yay! We have a pretty good bed time routine going and you seem to sleep best when we follow it. Bath around 8, into pj's and then a story with the dim light on and then nurse and then rock with your music on and then off to dreamland!

Mama and Daddy love you little Noodle! Happy 1/2 Birthday!
xo Mama


  1. Where has 6 months gone?
    My favourite part of this blog (other than the photos are):
    "In just 6 short months you have completely stolen my heart and replaced it with one that is somehow more full of love than I ever thought possible."

  2. Yes, what Randi said. I teared up.
    And I love the tuff of hair in the last picture.
    What a beautiful 6 month old girl you are, Sloan

  3. I always tear up when I read these :) Happy 6 months Sloan! Don't grow up soooo fast though that we all miss it! xo