August 23, 2010

Big Day!

Well, you are really on your way now! You've been crawling all over today - nothing is out of reach for you now! You seem to have found every dust bunny lurking around the house today - thanks for pointing those out (by attempting to eat them)! You also crawled all the way over to Toby's water dish and dumped it everywhere - no big deal, the floor needed mopping anyway ;)

Today you also stood up on your own! You've been pulling up on things for a while, but never have you actually gotten into a standing position, but today you did it! And while visiting Nana! You let go of the coffee table after getting up to your feet and standing for about 20sec, then stood without holding on for about 5sec and then plopped on your bum! You were so proud of yourself! As were we! Of course the next time you tried it you gave yourself a good bonk on the head!

Another first - tonight at dinner you had cut up blueberries for the first time and you fed yourself every piece! Way to go NoodleE!

Of course all of this is happening when my camera has decided to crap out - probably because you gave it a good throw the other day!

xo Mama


  1. Yay! How exciting! Sloan is like a little person now. As happy as I am for you and her, I am scared she is going to grow up so fast before our very eyes! Slow down, slow down! But that's amazing how much she is progressing :) xo

  2. How exciting! You now have a human vacuum cleaner!!!! And she is small enough to fit in the hard to reach area too! How is Toby liking this? Is he always up on the couch where she can't get to him?