August 2, 2010

Dear Sloan: Eight Months

Well little Noodle, summer is in full force and you are enjoying it to the fullest! Luckily you love the water, because we have been in it quite a bit lately to get cooled off!
I almost let you have your first sleepover with Nana on July 3rd when we went to a wedding out of town, but I just couldn't do it! I missed you too much! However, you did spend the whole day and all the way up until midnight with Nana and Papa and loved every minute of it - sounds like you didn't even miss us! Nana had a little photo shoot with you and captured some adorable moments!

On July 4th you had your first real day at the beach with Mummy and Daddy! You had been before, and dipped your toes in the sand and lake, but on this day we went for a swim in the lake and played in the sand! We have also had lots of days at Nana and Papa's pool! You love the big pink floaty and splashing around!
We even got a teeny-tiny little baby pool for at home to dip you in now and then!

On July 30th you got to enjoy some music at the Bruce! You stayed out way past your bed time and danced the night away at the Bluesfest - you LOVED the music!

This month you showed your growing independence, and while it is so exciting to watch you become your own little person, it is also so sad to see that you don't have to depend on me so much anymore. You are boogying around like nobody's business! You aren't crawling yet, but you can get where ever you want to go, and quite quickly too! You do this adorable little butt scoot and have also started doing a bit of an army crawl too. I don't think it will be long until you are actually crawling! Daddy better get the gate up at the stairs soon! You are also trying to pull yourself up on things - especially the bookcase and the coffee table at Nana and Papa's house! You can't quite pull yourself up to a standing position, but you do get close!
You love to play on your own, as long as you can see one of us close by, but you can keep yourself busy for a while! Your stacking rings are your favourite toy right now. While you are playing you're always babbling away to yourself, Dadadada is still a common one, but you are also saying yayaya a lot now too. Your little voice is so adorable, as is you little baby dinosaour growl that you still do a lot!
You seem to have grown a lot this month - right out of a lot of your clothes! At night when I am nursing you in the dark and I can only see your outline next to me it's hard not to get a little choked up when I realise how big you have gotten. The tiny baby that fit so perfectly accross my chest, is now sprawled out across my entire lap! Slow down!!!
Now, for your big 8 month birthday you celebrated by having a sleepover with Nana and Papa! Mama was able to loosen up a bit over the last month and realised the day (actually the night) had to come eventually! Mummy and Daddy had friend over and you got to spend some time with your "aunts" and "uncles" before taking off for your night away. And...of did just fine!
Mama and Daddy love you so much Sloan!
xo Mama


  1. You're monthly birthday letters to Sloan warm my heart Joelene. You're a wonderful mama.

  2. I wonder monthly where the past 30 days have gone. It amazes me that she is so big now, and not a new born...and I still haven't met her....

  3. Love you all! :) xo