August 19, 2010

For Randi

Apparently my blog is is a little placeholder until I upload all of the pics to Sloan's "newsletter" (my least favourite part since it takes so long).

Sloan is dancing to Beyonce!

Also...isn't she the cutest...

xo JBM

Edited to add: I noticed one day that Sloan really likes the beat to Single Ladies when we were listening to the "Baby Mamas: Put a Sling on 'em" version - watch it on youtube- so cute!


  1. By far the best 2 minutes of my day!!! (Althoguh I watched it on mute)
    I kept waiting for her to instantly bounce and stand up! So freakin cute! I like how she stopped and looked around to make sure she was in fact being watched! hahaha

  2. I can't see the video!
    And your blog isn't boring! LOL

  3. According to Randi it is boring enough to warrant a call from work to tell me just that!

  4. lol So not boring! That was adorable. I agree, it looked like she was going to stand up there for a second! She is growing too fast!