February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


  1. Toby: "Pleeeeeease throw my toy!"
    Sloan aka NoodleE: "Oh helllls no. This is mine now!"

    It's soo cute.

  2. Actually, it went more like this...
    Toby: OMG OMG OMG She is touching itttttt! OMG Help me! OMG My life is officially over!!!!
    Sloan: Mwhahahahaha

  3. Omg, how dare she touch his ball and not throw it! Just don't let her chew on this ball, although it does look new!!! I love your Wordless Wednesday posts!

  4. That is one depressed looking dog! I still remember when we came up for the baby shower and were all heading out at the same time and Toby stood on the couch with the saddest face I have ever seen. It looked like the face in this picture. And clearly, Sloan loves it hahaha

  5. Toby: "Gimme back my toy."
    Sloan: "No."
    Toby: "Please? Or I'll have to use my jowel drool as force."
    Sloan: "I'm not afraid of drool."
    Toby: "Dammit. Give me back my ball pretty please?"
    Sloan: "You have like 800 of the same balls over in the basket."
    Toby: "But I want THAT one."
    Sloan: "No."
    Toby: "Mum! When does she go back where she came from?"

    haha Sorry I had to do this. The picture is too hilarious and adorable.

  6. Haha that was hilarious! It's so true, Toby has so many of the same balls.

    I want to just squish Sloan into tight little snuggles. And Toby too :)