February 21, 2010


We were thinking about taking Sloan to the family swim today, but I am just a little worried the water will be too cold and then she won't be able to warm up because the change rooms are freezing and it's still really cold outside. That would have been a picture-worthy milestone!

But...last night she hit a major milestone...she slept in her crib...and it broke my heart!
She went down at 11:30 (she is a little night owl!) and slept right through until 4:30! She nursed and then went right back down in the crib until 7:30 when she was hungry again. At 7:30 she came into bed with us for some snuggle time! I'm not sure if this will continue without fuss...but it's a start I guess.

Also, another milestone today...she had her first "oh-my-god she needs a bath" poop! All of her cloth diapers were in the wash so I had her in a disposable and sure enough...poop EVERYWHERE! Matt just looked at her and asked if I wanted him to run a bath...yes please! She LOVES the bath so she was super happy to get an extra middle-of-the-day bath!

xo JBM


  1. That's great news that she slept in her crib. Is the one in your room or hers? Must have been nice for you both to sleep better, and not worry about crushing anyone if you move! Were you awake all night missing her though?

  2. Aww it must be hard to transition yourself to sleep without her but the good news is that she isn't squaking too much and she is sleeping through the night! What a big girl you have (tell her to stop growing immediatley please!)

    As for the poop explosion - it was bound to happen. There's always a childhood story where your child has to have a full rinse off. It's not fun at the time but looking back, you're kinda giggling, right? hehehehe