March 27, 2011

Making Memories

We weren't able to afford to take a tropical vacation this year, or even go out west like we had hoped, but we are trying to do lots of little things to make some fun memories with Sloan. Last weekend we went to Southampton for a little day trip and checked out the flea market and had a nice lunch out (see my last lunch date wordless wednesday post). This weekend it was the Saugeen Conservation Maple Syrup Festival! It was great! What a nice way to spend an afternoon! And quite a workout with the GIANT hill to climb! Lucky for me, Matt pushed the stroller up it! We started out with a hot chocolate, pancake and sausage lunch, and then Sloan got her first taste of maple taffy (bubbling hot fresh syrup poured on the snow and rolled up on a popsicle stick). I was going to share mine with her, but she slurpped the whole thing up quite fast! So delicious and lots of fun memories of doing that as a child at school! Then Sloan got to take her first pony ride! SO cute! She loved it! She was smiling the whole time (except for the part when she was covering her nose...apparently horse poop isn't her favorite smell!) and trying to pet the pony. For $4 it seemed like a loooong ride - I was getting dizzy! Then, we were off to the animal barn (which was actually more of a shed), to see lots of animals to feel sorry for... What's in here???

Adorable little pigglets...with holes punched in their ears! What!? WHY?!

Sloan got to hold the cutest little bunny!

She was VERY gently petting him (I guess the many times a day that I say 'gentle hands' around Toby and Bane is sinking in!), until I asked her to give him a kiss...I guess she thought it would be easier to bring him to her mouth rather than the other way around! Oops!

What's next???

Tiny, adorable goats!

Next, Sloan and Matt got to go in a giant pen and feed some already very full animals! Oh, hello Mr. Something with Horns!

All-in-all it was a great day! Lots of fresh air and sunshine...and memories!

Sloan showing off her pearly whites (which got extra scrubbing after the taffy today!):

xo JBM


  1. Sounds like such a fun day! Sloan looks adorable in her little pink snow gear. That picture with her and the bunny is so cute - I can't believe how fast she is growing up. Loved this post :)

  2. Great memories!! I can't wait to create these as well!

  3. oh, I remember the sugar bush feild trips!!!! It's nice that even though you can't take her somewhere fun you appreciate what is around you, which are the memories I am more happy to have.