April 20, 2011

Chatty Cathy!

I can almost see the little fireworks happening in the speech-language part of Sloan's brain right now - it's crazy! In the last week she has starting picking things up really quickly!

As of now she is saying...

-baaaaa - when you ask her what a lamb/sheep says

-moooo - or some form of that when you ask her what a cow says

-mowmow - when you ask her what a kitty cat says

-woofwoof - when you ask her what a doggy/Toby says

-zoomzoom - when you ask her what a car says, or point to a picture of a car/truck

-dada - when you point to a picture of Daddy/when he comes home

-mama - finally!!!!!

She is also consistently signing 'milk' (has been for a looooong time), 'please', and she has just started 'more' and 'thank-you'. We started out using the ASL sign for these things, but Sloan has kind of adapted them to her own version! Her milk sign looks more like she is asking for money, and her thank-you is more a brush to her chest!

I'm still trying to get a good video of her chatting away...apparently the camera is too distracting!

For now...some cute pictures...

Hamming it up in the bath:


Helping Daddy with his trade school homework!

xo JBM


  1. So cute! And finally she can say your name!!! Suttons first words will be "Kobe, shut it, that's enough"

  2. It's the end of an era! Sloan has gone from baby to little person who can speak! How time flies. Love the pictures, she is so cute :)

  3. I love the bath photo.
    Can't wait until she says "Auntie Laura"