December 22, 2011

Sleep Update!

When I last wrote about our sleep time routine it went something like this "I read to her and rock her in her room, then she asks for our bed so we go in there and I lay with her until she falls asleep - usually not long. Then I go upstairs and do 'whatever' (laundry, dishes, clean up, facebook...veg..) until it's bed time for me and then I just carry her into her own bed and she rolls over and falls asleep."

That worked for a while and then she started waking up during the carrying to her bed portion and spent a few nights in our bed with us...which is cramped!

We have a new solution now and its been working for about 2 weeks! Sloan has moved to the spare room! We have a double bed in there pushed up against the wall with a guard rail on the other side. I lay in there and read her stories, nurse her if she asks for it (which is a whole other post!), sing our lullaby and then lay with her until she falls asleep - about 5 minutes, 10 at the very most. She then sleeps through the night most nights!

There is just one condition she has for this new routine to work...she HAS to have Toby in bed with her! As soon as she gets her jammies on and says goodnight to Daddy she starts calling Toby and yelling Bed! He follows her lead and goes right to bed with her! He lays at the very end of the bed and stays with her all night. Last night I snuck in to check on her before I went to bed and she was actually laying with her back up against Toby's back! It was too cute! I'll have to snap a pic!

Matt and I have never had so much room in our bed! It's crazy!
I guess it might be time for me to start moving all of her 'stuff' over from her bedroom now!
Wish us luck that this continues!



  1. That is so hilarious (and really darn cute) that the sleep solution was in the bedroom.

    It's amazing how she went from not wanting to go to bed to being a good bed-goer by just changing the room!

    (I'd love to see that photo of the two of them)

  2. That's so great that she has found a better routine that works for her (and you guys!). I love that the dog is part of that routine. I agree that a photo is required!