December 2, 2011

The Sweetest Thing

Our little Noodle is TWO today! Hard to believe that only 730 days ago she came into our lives - and for every single one of those it has been a joy to be her Mummy.

She still isn't sleeping great...unless she starts out in our bed. Usually I read to her and rock her in her room, then she asks for our bed so we go in there and I lay with her until she falls asleep - usually not long. Then I go upstairs and do 'whatever' (laundry, dishes, clean up, facebook...veg..) until it's bed time for me and then I just carry her into her own bed and she rolls over and falls asleep. We are all getting a great sleep, no one is puking and there isn't any crying! Yay!

Last night when I was putting her down I actually fell asleep next to her (probably because I had a million things to do and my body didn't want to do any of it! lol)...but I woke up when she awoke from a deep sleep, eyes open, completely aware and said "oh WOW", then she snuggled in and went back to sleep. About 5 min later she woke again, turned and looked at me, smiled and said "Tewwwwww". It was so sweet! I guess telling her that it's almost her birthday and that she will be 2 has caught on!

This also kinda makes me wonder though if her sleep issues may have started because she is actually dreaming and remembering them. It would be pretty disorientating to wake up wondering where you were, if you were JUST somewhere else when you were dreaming and you don't understand what a dream is...

I'll post more after her little birthday party with some pictures of the birthday girl!

xo JBM

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