June 9, 2012

Doll house time!

This past Christmas Santa brought Sloan a (second hand, but perfect condition! yay!) Plan doll house. I thought she might be a little young for it, having just turned 2, but I couldn't resist. She played with it a little, but didn't seem too interested at first, so I thought I would store it away for a while until she was really interested. Today was that day!

We pulled it out, with nowhere to really put it, so it's on our window seat for now. It's been almost an hour and she is still VERY engaged with it! I love that she can sit and use her imagination! She is even doing different little voices for the different dolls - it's adorable! Sloan is even reminding the dolls not to touch the stove in the "chi-chen" because it is very hot!

In other news, i'd say potty training is going very well! Below is a picture of her helping one of the dolls use the toy potty - she even told her "good job" when she was done!


  1. Okay first of all, that pic of Sloan is so nice. She has such beautiful, perfectly wavy hair. Jealous!

    That is so great she loves her doll house. I think every little girl should have one. I loved mine growing up and did eventually sell it, but actually wished I had kept it for when/if I have a child to pass it on to. Sloan looks like she loves it!

  2. I love the wooden dollhouse - what a great find!

    I also think it is quite hilarious (or super-cool!) how a toy that a kiddo has no interest in at one time, can become the most exciting thing on earth a few short months later.