June 5, 2012

Day Four

Things are going well so far - day 2 had 2 accidents and day 3 was spent at daycare where she only had one accident. Today, day 4, has been accident free so far and she is playing naked right now before bed so she should be fine for the day! Woohooo!

Last night Sloan slept in a prefold with Grovia cover and she told me she was wet in the morning, unlike when she is in a disposable and could get up and play without even noticing that she is practically dragging a soaked diaper around! I think we'll keep doing that until she is a little better with getting herself on the potty incase she needs to go in the night.

I had a dentist appointment this afternoon that Sloan came along to so the potty came in the van again. She tried to go before we went in, but didn't need to go. I knew I would be in there about an hour and she would be too shy to ask to use the bathroom infront of everyone so I put a grovia cover on over her underwear so she would feel wet if she went...but she didn't! She held it the whole time and went on the potty in the van when we were out of there! Yay Sloan!

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