June 2, 2012

Potty Time: day one

Today marks Sloan's 1/2 birthday - she now needs to learn to say two and a half instead of just her adorable tewwwwww.

I've been thinking she is ready to start using the potty, but wasn't able to figure out the best way to do it while still at work and with Sloan being in a different place almost every day - I'm assuming consistency is going to be key. So, today being my second day of my leave seemed like the perfect time to get started! It could not have gone any better! There were no accidents!! We even went out for dinner and Sloan used the ikea potty in the van before we went in and then used the big potty in the restaurant 3 times (once for fun and twice for actual use!). Then we made it home accident free (I was a little worried about having to wash the car seat so I put a prefold under her). Sloan is off to bed now in a diaper...I'm not that confident yet!

Our process for the day was to just offer and remind about the potty frequently. Sloan loved the novelty of being able to unbutton her jeans and pull down her pants and tiny little undies so she did that on her own without being reminded a few times. For the most part though, it was me asking her if she needed to go. She told me at once point that she wanted a diaper and I could tell it was because she needed to poop so I just brought her to the potty and we read stories while she went.

(Our little 2.5 year old poser)

Hopefully tomorrow goes as well as today did!


  1. Congrats Sloan! Wow she looks so grown up in this picture - what a cute little girl! Fingers crossed the rest of the process goes as well!