April 2, 2009

First Appointment

Well, I went for my first baby-related appointment today! The appointment was set up initially to go over the results of my ultrasound from last week (regarding a possible cyst), but they said the doctor would be able to discuss my positive tests too (I took another one on Tuesday morning - even more positive!). I met with Dr. Scott in the orphan clinic, she is new and can't be more than 30 and is super nice! She told me there were no cyst's showing, but there was some excess fluid which is most likely from a cyst bursting, hence the pain. Then she congratulated me and went through my past cycles and dates and whatnot to find a due date - she calculated November 25th as the due date, but that is based on a regular cycle and mine is a little longer so I think it will be closer to early December. Then she got me all set up for ultrasounds and screening and bloodwork. I have 5 appointments booked already (3 ultrasounds and 2 clinic appointments) and 2 dates that I have to drop in for more blood work at the hospital. They also did bloodwork today - 6 viles, yikes!

Also, more exciting news, she is going to take Matt and I on as patients so we are no longer "orphans". She is sort of taking new patients, but they have to do random selection from the orphan clinic patients, but she said she takes on anyone prenatal because she realizes that we really need to have a Doctor and because then she gets to see lots of babies.

They said I can expect the results from the blood work today by Monday which will confirm the pregnancy 100%. My first ultrasound is booked for April 20th which will be a dating ultrasound to get a better idea of a due date.

Very exciting day! :)

xo JBM

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