February 17, 2010

Canada's Next Top Model!

I've been meaning to post pictures of Sloan's very first (of many) photoshoot's with Sarah (website here) on January 16th, but I couldn't decide which pictures to post because I love them ALL! So...I've put together a video of all of them! Sarah was great, she came to the house and had lots of great ideas for the shoot. Sloan mostly cooperated and slept through some of the shoot and squawked for some too!

So, without further ado...here is our little star... (there is music so if you're at work or something you may want to turn off your volume) :)

Untitled from Joelene Murphy on Vimeo.

xo JBM


  1. I love the last head shot and the one with Matt holding Sloan on his shoulder. Also, the one of your silohette at the window holding her. I can't get enough.
    Sarah did a wonderful job.
    Sloan is a stunningly beautiful little girl. You make pretty babies.

  2. That is beautiful, and yes, do you make pretty babies!!!! Great pictures Sarah!

  3. We just watched it and Ella kept blowing Sloan kisses!

  4. Also, you might want to consider getting Sloan a spraytan and some shiny teeth to increase her odds at top model.

  5. Oh yes, she is already enrolled in modelling classes and has her wig and flipper on order. I have started practicing showing my horrible disappointment in her in hopes of being the perfect stage mum! She WILL have a crown or she is no longer my daughter!

  6. you can't get beautiful pictures without a beautiful model :)
    her smile still gets me! sooo cute!!

  7. These photos are absolutely beautiful. Sarah did a wonderful job. I hope you put these into a nice album or something!!!