February 11, 2010

All thumbs!

For the past week Sloan has been desperately trying to figure out how to get her thumb in her mouth. She gets frustrated and lets out a little squawk after trying for a bit usually. I've tried to pry her little thumb out of her tight little fist to help her out a little, but she just tucks it back in so quickly. When she is trying she usually ends up sucking on her knuckle which satisfies her a little, but it just takes up so much room in her mouth!

Ignore my horrible camera work...

"Hey look...this is what I was sucking on!"

xo JBM


  1. It amazes me when I see the amount of life just a little person has. It's so ispiring!! I was showing Alan and said "Don't you want one? Don't you want to pet her warm soft little chub arm?"

  2. She does have a pretty cute soft little chub arm! It is SO neat to watch her grow!

  3. I'm sure a "chub" arm.
    And I love that Randi always wants to pet children.

    She's so cute Joelene. I can't wait to come there, snuggle with the noodle (and you, if you like!) and watch Sorpranos.

  4. Aww her chub arm is so cute. I can't get over her chubby little thighs as well. It's funny how babies do different things at different stages. Funny Sloan is trying to suck her thumb now, yet some babies do it right out of the womb (apparently I did and until I was like, 6, hence my horrible overbite years later. All babies are so different with their own personalities - its amazing. I can really see Sloan's little personality coming out. I need to see her again soon! Maybe we can plan a weekend for mid-March for us to come up?

  5. The Laura's need to specifiy which Laura they are! I love reading the comments!!!