February 8, 2010

Noodlecise take two!

Since NoodleE has gotten bigger I've started changing her in her crib so she has more wiggle room, and boy does she like to wiggle! As soon as her diaper comes off her legs start kicking! I give her lots of naked time in there and she loves it! Maybe one day she will actually sleep in there! ;)

I didn't realize how long I was taping for, but here is a video of Sloan getting her little leggies moving!

After all that exercise she was ready for a cookie! (of course Toby was too)

She'll have to wait until I "filter" it for her!

xo JBM


  1. Omg I just love that picture of Toby begging for the cookie and Sloan looking so excited to get her gums on chocolate. I laughed that you have to "filter" it for her first. I'm still laughing.

    The video didn't work for me. I want to see her little legs kick!

  2. The video worked for me! She actually almost kicked through my screen!

  3. Sloan has the cutest little legs ever! The video worked on my end as well and she is just adorable. Sigh...I want to snuggle her!

  4. The video finally worked for me and its so cute! It's like a little dance :-)
    And when you zoom in on her pretty face and then she smiles and kicks some more, I almost melted.
    Tell Sloan that!