February 7, 2010


I really wanted to try to keep our house free from giant plastic contraptions, but NoodleE loved the exersaucer at a playdate so much I had to get her one. She is still a little small for it, so I have to wrap a blanket around her and only let her go in it for about 5 minutes total a day, but it is so cute when she sees another one of the "things" and gets all excited! Of course on the video I took she is more interested in looking at the camera and Toby!

And here is a picture of her just being cute in it!

xo JBM


  1. This is the cutest ever! She is so smiley and clearly loves it. Before you know it, she will grow right into it. Tres adorable!

  2. I like the part where you ask Toby to give her a toy...and he immediately takes it away from her. Toby says MINE. She looks like she is really enjoying that!
    Do you find, like I did, that you think you will put her in there so you can get some things done while you have two free hands....then you are so excited to watch her and play with her that you don't get anything done anyway?

  3. Omg she's changed so much in two weeks since I last saw her! How is that possible???
    No wonder you don't want her to grow up (at the same time you do)
    She's so cute and I love the tuff of hair on top of her head.

    Did you get the Bumboo?

  4. Did you delete my comment or did it not post correctly?

  5. I didn't delete it, so it must not have posted correctly. I didn't get an email notification either. :(

  6. Well, of course I commented on her cuteness, etc, but I also said that I see her Daddy starting at 22 seconds, to about 24. Check it out, let me know if you (or anyone else) sees what I am talking about.