May 10, 2010

Make-It Monday: CAKE!

The men were going to do all of the cooking for Mother's Day, but I have been wanting to bake a cake for a while now and can't just bake one for the fun of it since Matt doesn't eat cake and I can't eat a whole cake myself (well...I can...but I shouldn't). So...I decided to bake a cake for yesterday, while Matt did the appetizers.

While perusing blogs a while ago I found this blog and LOVED what she did with cake! Lots of colour and who can resist a rainbow cake! So, Mother's Day would be my perfect excuse to bake a rainbow cake!

Except...I only have one round 8" cake pan (or so I thought, I have since found another while putting the one I used away!), and of course Noodle to tend to! So Saturday night at 9:30 I started on the cake. I thought 6 layers might be a bit much for me to tackle - it would probably topple over! So I decided on 3 layers so I would only have to do 3 oven watches before I could get to bed!

First, I mixed up the french vanilla batter and divided it into 3 bowls and added the dye (warning: I can't take a decent picture in our dim-lit kitchen at night!). I did one layer of blue, one of purple, and one of pink! Fun!

I wanted to be sure it was nice and cooled so I waited until yesterday to ice it. Just a fluffy white icing! Yum! I also added raspberry jam (seeds removed) between the layers and a few raspberries on the outside for decoration.

Looks like a pretty regular white cake, right?!

So imagine everyones surprise when my Mum cut into it and found this:


I think I might do this again, but tackle all 6 layers for Sloan's 1st Birthday! It was so fun and cheery!

xo JBM


  1. So creative and you did a fantabulous job! Its so pretty :-)

  2. Yes, so pretty, especially for mothers day!
    You could do the 6 layers another time, but you cuold do each layer really thin so that all the colours are there but so that it won't topple over!
    Matt doesn't like cake? What is wring with him?

  3. I'm with Matt. I've never been much of a cake lover. too dry.
    But I think yours looks great! I will have to try it sometime! What is your icing recipe?

  4. Looks amazing! It turned out really nice and looks super yummy. I seriously miss your baking! I looooove cake. I had some tonight - it tasted like Creamsicle.