November 16, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...


Matt has this horrible idea that we should wait until December to decorate for Christmas, whereas if I had my way we would be blaring Christmas tunes and flinging tinsel everywhere RIGHT NOW!!! So this year I had an idea...I'll just do small satisfy my need to feel the Christmas cheer now...and Matt won't notice until it is all done and looks great! I won't do the tree yet, since we are planning on getting a real one this year. But I already put up the lights outside...not turned on yet, but they are up and ready to be plugged in asap! Then today I pulled out a couple decorations and placed them here and there...then I thought I could put up some garland around the entertainment centre...but it got a little out of hand...

Do you think Matt will notice this???

I'll let you know what he thinks!

xo JBM


  1. Yes...I pixel-ated the tv so you can't see my insane reflection and Toby's butt reflection!

  2. Looks great! Um, I don't think Matt will I heart Christmas! My 3 foot tree is up but we held off on hanging the stockings on the 'mantel' (aka entertainment unit).

  3. It looks SO nice. And cozy!
    who cares if Matt notices. LOL