November 15, 2010


Duckie-lovie has been replaced :( Actually he has been for quite some time and I keep meaning to write about it. I went to Chapters to buy a back up Duckie (just like the one Aunt Randi sent for Sloan), but they didn't have any...they seemed to have every animal but Duckie...and since Sloan loved the feel of Duckie and I was afraid of ever losing him I thought I better just get another animal - they are all made of the same material and have the same little round head. So I settled on a Monkey. Sloan and Mr. Monkey MaGoo are in love! She can't sleep without him and she loves to rub his little ears! Her little thumb fits perfectly into the groove in his ear and she can always find his little embroidered mouth to give him kisses. We still keep Duckie-lovie near by, but he isn't the same anymore...his beak is no comparison to a grooved ear! Luckily I found another Monkey, so we have two in rotation! I wonder if Mr. Monkey MaGoo will be in it for the long haul like my bear was!
xo JBM


  1. That is so cute! I am glad she has a new lovie! I still look for the Duck every time I go in to. They sell some animals in packs of 3, which is brilliant really! We have bought a lovie for our little man, and even bought an extra! Chapters/Indigo has so many soft choices! Perfect place for lovie hunting!

  2. I love how babies form attachments to stuffed animals at such a young age and then keep them as they get older. I still have Huggy (my teddy bear) and um, still sleep with him too. Hopefully Sloan hangs on to her special toys throughout her life too!
    Love the pictures - she is so big!